We Are No Longer Willing To Sacrifice Health and Peace!
March 9, 2003
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April 2, 2003

Pharma Cartel War Plans Can No Longer Be Achieved!

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Matthias Rath, M.D.

Open Letter to George W. Bush

This War is neither a vocation nor a ‘mission from God’ – this is Your War!

Your War is against the interests of six billion people!

Your War is against the declared will of over 180 countries of the United Nations!

Your War is against international law! It is neither morally nor ethically justified!

Your War is against the will of the overwhelming majority of the American people, many of whom approve only because you sent their sons and daughters to the battlefield. No one believes the polls!

Your War is against the interests of every American because it will be fought with weapons of mass destruction. In an attack war involving nuclear or bio-logical weapons – that does not have the support of the world community – you as the instigator carry all responsibility. No matter what weapons of mass destruction explode, no matter where and on which side – the American people, the entire world will point at you.

But the World also knows the true motifs for Your War: This War is in the interests of the pharmaceutical and oil industry!

Your War serves the interests of the investment group behind both these industries, namely the Rockefeller-financed Trilateral Commission who paved the way for your political career. Your War is Their War !

George Bush and Tony Blair are the heads of the two leading export nations of pharmaceutical products. Two out of three drugs sold anywhere in the world come from these two countries. The pharmaceutical / petrochemical industry was a main contributor to their election campaigns.

In recent years the pharmaceutical industry has been exposed as a multi-trillion dollar ‘investment business with disease’ the future of which is dependent on the continuation and expansion of diseases.


  • Cementing the global control of its ‘investment business with disease.’ The very existence of the pharmaceutical industry is currently threatened. Damage claims from the deadly side-effects of one single drug are bringing down Bayer, the flag ship of this industry. The ensuing ‘domino effect’ would inevitably cripple this largest investment sector on earth. At the same time, scientific advances in non-patentable natural health offer effective, safe and affordable alternatives to the multi-trillion dollar market of patented drugs.


  • Establish control of the global interests of the drug industry through corporate protectionist laws and by curtailing civil rights. This control can only be imposed by drastic legal measures worldwide, such as granting immunity to drug companies, restricting patient rights to liability claims, curtailing freedom of information and eliminating one of the most important civil rights – free access to effective, safe, non-patentable and affordable natural health. All this is currently happening in the USA.
  • Creating the psychological state of fear – on a global scale – to set the stage for these laws – worldwide. This global fear can only be created during a war that includes the use of weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear, biological or chemical weapons.


  • International support. Such a hazardous strategy can only work if it is backed by international law or organizations such as the United Nations. Lack of this support inevitably causes failure of this strategy because the psychological horror of a nuclear or biological war can no longer be justified or blamed on others. Any war outside international law can no longer be used to justify curtailing civil rights and will turn against those who instigate it.
  • Absolute secrecy. The most important precondition for this strategy to succeed is secrecy. Under no circumstances must it be revealed in advance.

Since 1). there is no international legitimization for this war and 2). the pharma-cartel’s plan is now public, both preconditions failed and their goal can no longer be achieved. Starting a nuclear, biological or chemical war will sacrifice millions of people without the pharma-cartel reaching its goal!

Every family in America, Great Britain and anywhere else in the world should be aware of that and act immediately!


One day, those politicians and executives supporting this war – against any mandate by international law – may be held accountable by courts, including the World Court for War Crimes in The Hague that was inaugurated on March 11 this year.

Now, no one can say ‘I did not know.’ or ‘I just followed orders’.