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April 11, 2003
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June 1, 2003

New Scientific Successes with Cancer and Arrhythmia

This speech was presented by Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki on Saturday, November 2, 2002 at the Health Congress 'Make Health Not War - A Peaceful and healthy world is possible'

How many lives have to be lost? How much hope has to be destroyed before we take control of our health? How can we consider ourselves free if we are kept in the dark about our bodies and the causes of diseases?

How can a doctor consider himself free if he loses his license because he treats his patients with safe and effective health solutions that are not endorsed by the medical establishment? Health freedom starts here. It starts with knowledge and health choices for everyone.

Today you will learn about our new research and health options for controlling arrhythmia, cancer and inflammatory diseases. Many of you have been waiting for the results of our large clinical study with Cellular Health programs in arrhythmia, and today we will give them to you. We feel obliged to make you the first recipients of this news, not scientists or doctors, but you who have supported these studies. You will understand what these results mean for your health and the health of future generations.

If you have ever suffered from an irregular heartbeat, also known as arrhythmia, you know what a frightening experience it is. Arrhythmia is life threatening. Millions of people worldwide suffer from this condition, for which, like many other health problems, current medicine does not have a solution.

However, if you were to read an internal medicine textbook, you would learn that although the cause of arrhythmia is unknown, there are a variety of treatments for it. There is the pacemaker, which is a metal device implanted in your chest. There is the cauterization procedure. This is just a less frightening name for the electrical burning of part of your heart muscle. There are many anti-arrhythmic drugs. However, if you believe these drugs can make your arrhythmia disappear, you will be surprised to learn that the most common side effect of these anti-arrhythmic drugs is an irregular heartbeat! The treatment for an irregular heartbeat is drugs that cause irregular heartbeat. Do you expect a cure? – of course not. However, one treatment that your doctor will not read about in an internal medicine textbook is vitamins. Not one vitamin or nutrient is mentioned in relation to treating arrhythmia.

Cellular Medicine has determined the cause of irregular heartbeat through the study of cell function. In most cases arrhythmia develops as a result of a long-term deficiency of nutrients in the heart muscle cells, in particular the “electrical” cells that act as sparking plugs in your car, and regulate the frequency of the heartbeat. It is logical then that proper nourishment of these cells with bio-energy nutrients should help with this problem. We have tested these nutrients in a clinical study.

Our clinical study included 131 patients who averaged 60 years of age and who suffered from arrhythmia. These patients were divided into two groups: one group took the Vitacor Plus and Enercor formulas, and the other group took a placebo, or sugar pill. No one, including the doctors who conducted the study, knew which group took the vitamins and which group took the placebo. This study design is referred to as double blind placebo-controlled. It is considered the highest scientific standard for clinical studies, and it gives a no-doubt conclusion about the effectiveness of the treatment. Our study lasted for 6 months and here are the results:

The study shows that in a group of patients who took a placebo about 6.5% of them did not experience cardiac disturbances during the study period. But look what happened in a vitamin group. More than 15% of patients who took vitamins were symptom-free. This means that the intake of vitamins doubled the chance of a patient not experiencing an arrhythmia. This result has high statistical power (p<0.01), and those who are familiar with statistics know how significant it is.

The study also assessed the population of patients who had frequent arrhythmia episodes, such as more than 7. In the placebo group almost 74% of patients experienced severe arrhythmia, But look at the group taking vitamins, in this group less than half of the patients experienced severe arrhythmia during the entire 6 months. Do you understand what this means? Do you understand that the only factor that improved the health of these patients was taking vitamins? If you are suffering from arrhythmia, take advantage of this right NOW.
There is also another aspect of this study. If you are taking anti-arrhythmic drugs, you do not have a hope for a cure. Your condition will actually worsen with time because of the side effects of the drugs.

Notice what happens to your body when you take vitamins. The longer you take vitamins, the better your health becomes. Our study results indicate that during the first 3 months of the study only 22% of people taking vitamins were free from arrhythmia; however, during the next 3 months this number increased to more than 43%. During the first three months, almost half of the study participants had experienced frequent arrhythmic episodes. This number decreased from 45.5% in the first 3 months to 27% in the following 4-6 month period. This decline in arrhythmic episodes was statistically significant. So the two-thirds of the study participants experienced better health after 6 months of taking vitamins. So if they continue the program, and many of them do, they can be symptom free one day.

Even more important, the general health of patients in the vitamin group improved. And this was not based on a subjective assessment. Each patient in the study underwent specialized tests and received a health assessment score. As you can see, patients who took vitamins not only felt better physically, but also became more energetic and less depressed. The reason is a simple one – the improved nourishment of the entire body.
Although arrhythmia is a condition that many associate with older age, also young people, even children suffer from it. Fig Boy who can play… Today, Christian, a young man is with us to share his health story. He will tell you more about his struggle with arrhythmia and his love of soccer.

These are real life stories that tell us more than any other study results and they show to everyone how important our research is.

Cancer Can Be Beaten Naturally

We have more studies pending; this one was conducted in 35 clinical centers under the general direction of Dr. Schlichtiger from Munich and coordinated by Frank Kock from our company. You should be proud because this study was made possible because of your support. No drug can claim such performance.

At the beginning of this year, we provided you with some exciting research data about cancer, a disease that clearly exemplifies the failure of current medicine.

Our research was based on Dr. Rath’s concept that vitamin C and the amino acid lysine are key nutrients that our bodies need to control the spread of cancer cells. Here you can see the manuscript of Dr Rath’s research publication describing how vitamin C and lysine can control the process of excessive degradation of collagen surrounding cancer cells, and they help in stopping the spread of cancer.

During the course of our study we have developed a nutrient formulation containing vitamin C, lysine, proline and other nutrients that is effective in increasing connective tissue strength and stopping the spread of various types of cancer cells. We have shared with you our early test results, and today I will show you that this nutrient combination can stop the invasion of a variety of cancer cell types.

We tested the effect of this nutrient combination on the ability of cancer cells to invade connective tissue by using the experimental vials, such as the one you see in the center of this picture. They allow us to measure the number of cancer cells that could destroy the collagen membrane, which you see in the center of the vial, and move to the lower part of it. We compared the number of invading cells from vials that contained the tested nutrients to the vials lacking this nutrient combination. On the graph below, you can see that the invasion of various cancer cells such as colon, breast, prostate, skin, fibrosarcoma, and others can be stopped by these powerful nutrients. If these cells cannot invade the collagen membrane, they cannot spread in the body. Can any chemotherapy drug do that? No. In fact, chemotherapy does just the opposite. It destroys connective tissue and facilitates the spread of cancer.

We also can prove that these nutrients are able to halt the production of collagen-digesting enzymes that cancer cells need to destroy connective tissue and spread in the body. The light bands show the presence of these enzymes, which are called MMP2 and MMP9. The two dark columns at the end of the slide indicate that when more nutrients were added to these cells, the enzymes were no longer secreted. Collagen destruction was stopped.

And today we have even more exciting news! Have you heard the term “angiogenesis?” It means to form new blood vessels. When tumors create new blood vessels, it is not a good prognosis because these blood vessels help feed the cancer. There were attempts by the pharmaceutical industry to stop the growth of blood vessels with drugs. They did not succeed. We believe we have made progress in this area as well. Let me explain why I can say that. New blood vessels are formed from epithelial cells, such as the cells that form the lining of blood vessel walls. These cells need to migrate in the tissue and connect in order to form new vascular structures; therefore, the movement of these cells in the connective tissue facilitates new blood vessel formation. We have investigated whether the nutrient combination that could also curb this process. We were confident that they could, because the same enzymes are involved in the migration of epithelial cells and cancer cells.

On this slide, you can see that the spread of epithelial cells in the tissue can be significantly decreased with nutrients; specifically, by more than 50%. This result indicates that it is possible to limit angiogenesis, formation of new blood vessels in tumors, by natural means; this is a great success, and we are working further on this process.

Today we can offer much more than a scientific concept and its proof. We offer solutions for cancer patients that current medicine does not. There are people who are alive today because of Cellular Medicine. People like Mr. Pilniok, who defeated lung cancer. There are patients who have experienced the benefits of Cellular Medicine in fighting breast cancer, colon cancer, testicular cancer, skin cancer and many other forms of cancer.

The most recent report we have obtained demonstrates the complete elimination of prostate cancer. You see a picture of the body scan of the patient. The picture on the left shows a diffuse area marked by an arrow that indicates the location of the cancer. On the right, you see what happens three months later, the same patient, the same location, but no diffuse structures around the image of a blood vessel. You can see the sharp clear image which confirms that the cancer is no longer present. This was achieved without chemotherapy or radiation; instead, it was achieved by the power of nutrients in the right combination that produced the right synergy.

Why is this possible?

Because Cellular Medicine takes a different approach to cancer:

It focuses on the process that kills the patient, which is metastasis, and therefore, it saves lives.
It targets the mechanism that all cancer cells use to spread, and therefore, it is universal.
It attacks cancer in many ways: it encapsulates tumors so they cannot grow and spread; it eliminates cancer cells without destroying healthy cells by using natural substances, such as ascorbyl palmitate; and it uses nutrients that impair the formation of new blood vessels and cut the flow of nutrients to a tumor.
It is 100% natural and safe.

Do you feel like you’ve been cheated by the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Cellular Medicine in Natural Control of Inflammation

There is more exciting news. The nutrient combination that we have developed has multiple effects in the body, and our newest research shows that it can be powerful in controlling an inflammation. This a process involved in infections and also in other diseases, such as arthritis.

Inflammation is a reaction of our bodies to block and eliminate bacterial or viral infections. Our cells use various means to attract white blood cells to the affected areas. In order to do this, they secrete hormone-like substances and cytokines. In the inflamed areas, there is also an excess of collagen-digesting enzymes produced by leucocytes. Therefore there is a lot of tissue destruction there. This damage is necessary to get rid of foreign invaders; however, if it lasts too long it has detrimental effects in the body. It erodes tissues, some cytokines, and other substances, which are secreted during inflammatory reactions. They manage to escape from the infection site into the blood and travel to distant sites. They can stimulate new inflammation by attracting immune cells and if left unchecked, can lead to the destruction of tissues and the onset of disease.

There are many diseases where inflammatory reactions are involved. The most well-known is arthritis, which not only leads to the destruction of cartilage in the joints but also to other complications. Inflammation also accelerates the growth of atherosclerotic plaques, and chronic inflammation in various parts of the body that can initiate cancer. Inflammatory reactions have been detected in diabetes, and even in Alzheimer’s and many other diseases.

This year, the following words were written in the Scientific American Magazine: “One day, someone will devise a way to halt chronic, destructive inflammation…”

We believe we are almost there.

Let me explain some critical steps involved in inflammation. The most important step involves attracting white blood cells. In order to accomplish this, surrounding cells modify their surface by opening up various docking stations, called receptors, to attract white blood cells and macrophages. In addition, cells secrete a variety of biological substances that chemically attract immune cells—the most important are interleukins and caspases. Our researchers have discovered that nutrients can significantly modulate these two processes.

Nutrients can decrease the expression of membrane receptors, which are attractors or docking stations for white blood cells, such as ICAM and others. In addition, nutrients can significantly lower the secretion of various cytokines, such as the very powerful Interleukin 1 alpha and beta and a group of inflammatory substances called caspases. In the presence of our nutrient formula, interleukins alpha and beta can decrease to 45% and 13% of their original values. The conclusion is that nutrients can limit the availability of chemicals that aggravate the inflammation process.

The applications for these findings are enormous and beneficial with regard to many kinds of inflammatory conditions: to arthritis, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer and many other diseases. I don’t know whether you are aware that ant-inflammatory drugs we use for these conditions cause more side effects that any other medication. Every year about 16,000 people die and more than 70,000 are hospitalized as a result of taking Ibuprophen, Motrin or any other anti-inflammatory drug. Today we can claim another victory for Cellular Medicine over the pharmaceutical industry, another victory for your health.

Perhaps not all of you understand the complexities of these findings, but all of you should know that we have proven time and again that we all have been misled by the pharmaceutical industry. The benefits of nutritional approaches are enormous, which is why drug companies are fighting so fiercely against these safe approaches.

Cellular Health Freedom

Are we free to take advantage of Cellular Medicine? Not in your country. In the US, we still are. Since 1994 we have a law called the Dietary Health and Education Act, that guarantees that vitamins and other nutrients are available without prescriptions because they are considered foods, not drugs. However, the stronger our research becomes the more pressure the pharmaceutical industry puts on the government to limit access to natural substances. Don’t you see they are loosing business? Suddenly diseases disappear!

That diseases are good for the medical business has been known for a long time. Here is a cartoon from the 19th century showing grateful doctors praising a flu virus (influenza) for increasing their profits.

Today the picture is more complex, more money and more industries depend on our illness.

The faster we progress the pressure to protect pharmaceutical business intensifies. This could be seen quite recently in the selection of a new commissioner of the FDA, the US agency that regulates food and drugs. The FDA was without a commissioner for about a year and in April this year an appointment of Dr Woods was announced. However, his appointment did not last long. In two weeks, he was gone. The largest newspaper in New England, the Boston Globe, rightly said that the drug industry was responsible for pushing him out. The reason: he was known as being tough on drug safety.

Since last month the FDA has a new commissioner - Dr. McCully. Dr. McCully specializes in economy issues, and he quickly assured the industry that one of the first items on his agenda is ensuring the safety of…drugs? No, not drugs, even if they are the third leading cause of death, but of…nutritional supplements, vitamins. The directions are clear now. As you can see the attempts to stop vitamin freedom come from every corner of the globe, Germany, Holland, US, from African and Asian countries. The threat to vitamin freedom is a global one.

This is why all of us gathered here today need to speak with one united voice for all the people of the world. We need to support Dr. Rath and his leadership in this historic battle for health freedom. We should not ask how much freedom will be given to us, we have to determine it.