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June 1, 2003
The Hague Complaint
June 14, 2003

President Bush, Don’t Nuke Iran Or North Korea To Cover Up The Lies About The Iraq War!

You cannot win such a war, because the world is watching you.

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Matthias Rath, M.D.

As the physician and scientist who has significantly contributed to the eradication of cardiovascular disease and cancer by natural, non-patentable therapies, Dr. Rath has repeatedly stated that the largest corporate benefactor of the current international crisis is the pharmaceutical industry. The multitrillion-dollar pharmaceutical investment industry has been unmasked as a deceptive business that promises ‘health’ but is driven by the continuation and expansion of diseases.

The survival of this global industry now depends upon industry protection laws, implemented worldwide. These cannot be accomplished during peace time, but only during an inter-national crisis or a world war.

“George Bush, Tony Blair: Don’t Risk A World War!”

The people of the world are concerned about the international crisis that continues after the war with Iraq and the possibility of its escalation into a world war. In addition, now we learn that George Bush and Tony Blair may have deceived the people of America, Great Britain and the world about weapons of mass destruction allegedly being the main reason to attack Iraq.

Now the British Parliament and US Congress are demanding an official independent investigation to establish the facts. In addition, high-ranking politicians and members of their own administrations are publicly raising doubts and even making accusations.

If the Bush and Blair administrations did not lie to the public, they have nothing to fear. However, if they in fact lied and manipulated the evidence – even in front of the United Nations – they will face impeachment and other legal consequences.

Watergate and similar historic situations teach us, that, in this situation – far from allowing an independent Congressional investigation – politicians are very tempted to immediately and at all costs stop any further investigation into this matter.

If the Bush and Blair administration lied to the world, they would need three things – and they would need them right now:

  1. An event that immediately takes away public attention from the discussion about their deception of the people in the USA, Great Britain and the world.
  2. An event that would retrospectively justify their war against Iraq and their crusade against weapons of mass destruction.
  3. An event that could be blamed on ‘terrorists’ to further justify the escalation of international tensions.

There is only one event that would accomplish all these goals: The detonation of a nuclear bomb or another weapon of mass destruction somewhere in the world.

The people of the world ask pressing questions at this critical moment in history, when the entire credibility of the Bush and Blair administration – as well as their corporate supporters – are at stake:

  • Is it a coincidence that at this very moment – on June 3 – the US and UK secret services issued warnings that Al-Qaida is planning attacks with ‘mini-nukes’?
  • Is it a coincidence that at this very moment – on June 4 – the US Under-Secretary of State John Bolton ‘does not rule out’ preemptive strikes against a list of countries? According to the new US-military doctrine, this includes the use of weapons of mass destruction.

Before, during and after the Iraq war I raised my voice repeatedly in the New York Times and other international newspapers to unmask the corporate agenda behind this war. My warnings have been confirmed.

On behalf of the people of the world I call upon President Bush and Prime Minister Blair – whatever they have done – not to trigger the unthinkable and risk a world war.

President Bush and Prime Minister Blair:

  • Do not risk the use of weapons of mass destruction!

  • Do not risk a conflict that could trigger a world war!

If the goals described above are true you must realize that you can no longer achieve them because the world is watching.