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November 15, 2003
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Cancer: What is it and what causes it?

This article appeared in the October 2003 edition of the Spanish health magazine “D Salud ”

Dr. Matthias Rath

The work of Dr. Matthias Rath on the positive influence of vitamins, amino acids and diverse trace elements – especially lysine, proline and vitamin C – as an alternative to pharmacological treatment for many illnesses which right now are considered incurable – including cancer – has led him to openly clash with orthodox medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

This has finally led him to the International Criminal Court in The Hague to make a case against President George W. Bush and the large pharmaceutical companies for Crimes against Humanity. His research, based on the structure and function of proteins, has helped him to develop what is known as Cellular Medicine. Dr. Rath declares that practically all known diseases can be controlled or cured.

The fight against cancer is more famous for its failures than for its great victories. There have been many spectacular advertisements in the media promising cures but only very few with real results when it comes to curing the disease. In spite of this, the current oncological strategy – which consists of fighting the tumours directly and aggressively – has still not changed. And it doesn’t seem to matter that both doctors and researchers, who have been brought up and educated within the system, have often condemned it as useless.

Such is the case of Dr. Matthias Rath, known the world over for repeatedly condemning what he has been calling for years the “business with disease”. For Dr. Rath the current overload of diseases is nonsensical when you realise that there are natural solutions which are far less traumatic, less yatrogenic and more efficient than surgery or pharmacology. And, in this sense, he states openly that: “The pharmaceutical sector uses its incredible power to try and delay what nobody now is able to get away from: the evidences that using vitamins and other natural therapies allows cardiovascular diseases, cancer and many other diseases to be treated effectively and without side effects.”

But, who are we talking about? Who is Matthias Rath? He was born in Stuttgart (Germany) in 1955 and, after studying Medicine, began working as a doctor and researcher in Hamburg University Clinic and, later, in the German Cardiology Centre in Berlin. There he would focus his research on finding the causes of arteriosclerosis – and, consequently, cardiovascular diseases – which is how he discovered – in 1987 – the connection which exists between arteriosclerosis and Vitamin C deficiency.

In other words, Dr. Rath found out that the lipoprotein-a (molecule present in “bad” cholesterol or LDL) is only deposited in the artery walls causing arteriosclerosis – with the consequent narrowing of the arteries – when the organism lacks vitamin C – a substance which is abundant in fresh fruit and vegetables. This knowledge can therefore prevent and treat practically all cardiovascular diseases and has provoked the very battle which Dr. Rath continues to fight today against the pharmaceutical industry . That should come as no surprise seeing as, if he is proved correct, then the numerous drugs which are currently used for cardiovascular problems, and which bring in fat profits for the multinationals, will become useless overnight as they will no longer be needed.

“ We’ve known that vitamin C stabilises artery walls for over 200 years when James Lind also discovered that its deficiency caused loss of blood and scurvy. No pharmaceutical company director and no doctor can deny knowing these facts. So why hasn’t this information been used medically to fight cardiovascular diseases? What’s more, was the recommended minimum dose of Vitamin C set at 60 mg. because it was known to be a high enough quantity to prevent scurvy… but low enough to ensure that cardiovascular diseases became an epidemic? ” After forming such an insolent – and incredible – question, Dr. Rath went even further with his accusations: “ I’m convinced that the pharmaceutical companies have known for decades that an optimal vitamin supplement would brings the multi-million prescription drug market crashing down . At the end of the day, you can’t patent a vitamin and their profit margins are low.” And he adds: “It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the survival of the pharmaceutical industry depends on a double strategy: obstructing research, information and use of vitamins and other natural therapies by all possible means, and promoting the lie that patentable synthetic drugs are the answer to human diseases.”

These opinions make it clear that Dr. Rath supported the research carried out by Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes– the first for Chemistry, awarded in 1954 for his research into the structure of protein molecules, and the second for Peace (1962) for his support for disarmament and his opposition to nuclear experiments – who attributed powers of regeneration and protection to Vitamin C which delay the ageing process thanks to its ability to combat the negative effects of free radicals, electrically charged unstable molecules which negatively affect cellular functions . It will come as no surprise, then, that in 1990 he should agree to move to the United States, accepting the offer to run the Linus Pauling Cardiovascular Research Institute. Only two years later – in 1992 – Dr. Rath developed what is known today as Cellular Medicine, fruit of his research into the fascinating world of cells.

Treating Cancer

His interest in discovering how to fight the disease would lead Dr. Rath to choose – among all the possible ways of approaching the problem – to study the cellular mechanisms which the cancer uses to migrate throughout the organism affecting different organs. At the end of the day, a tumour situated in a specific and limited area of the body does not usually constitute a vital danger. On the contrary, when the cancer spreads (metastasis) there is a clear threat to life. In fact, of all the cancerous processes with mortal results, around 90% originate in metastasis, the invasion of cancerous cells in other organs and tissues. So, Dr. Rath states that for cancerous cells to migrate, they secrete enzymes which break down the surrounding connective tissue making it easier to get to other organs in the body.

Understanding this process was the first phase in his research. The next phase was to look for how to avoid it. And Dr. Rath maintains that the research which he and his team developed has permitted them to finally identify several natural biological substances which prevent the propagation of the cancerous cells . The results – they state – show not only a slowing down in the growth of cancerous cells but also complete termination of many types of cancer.

These substances originate naturally, without exception: vitamins, amino acids, plant extracts or fundamental nutrients for the cell. In short, they are natural substances which keep the cells healthy. And which, as opposed to conventional therapies for cancers – Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy –, do not produce any yatrogenic side effects. They provide therapy against cancer which is founded in the already mentioned Cellular Medicine. Let’s see what it’s all about.

Understanding Cells

Dr. Matthias Rath states that diseases basically originate in two detectable cellular factors: the lack of bio-energy fuel in the cell power station – mitochondria – and the defective functioning of the nucleus, its metabolic control centre. Let’s look at it in greater depth.

  • The lack of bio-energy fuel in the cell power plant (mitochondria). According to Dr. Rath, one of the main causes of the diseases – especially coronaries – comes down to an insufficient supply of bio-energy fuel. This refers to the nutrients which are essential to transform food into the energy needed to carry out numerous metabolic reactions in the body. As a general rule, it is enough to have a correct supply of vitamins and other bio-energy substances in order to prevent diseases and, even, reverse the situation in many cases of pathologies which have already set in.
  • Diseases due to a defect in the cells’ metabolic programme (nucleus). In the same way that computer viruses disrupt the normal functioning of computers, cells – for many different reasons – can fall under the control of a sick “programme”. The main damage caused by these wrong commands is an uncontrolled multiplication of the cells and, at the same time, chaos in the organisation of the surrounding connective tissue which allows the sick cells to migrate. It is this process which causes the appearance of infectious diseases and cancer.

And, according to Dr. Rath, both infectious diseases and cancer spread throughout the body breaking down the collagen in the adjacent connective tissue. This means that for an infection – produced either by a virus or bacteria – or a group of cancerous cells to be able to migrate through the organism they must be capable of temporarily breaking down the collagen – the main structural molecule in the bones, skin, blood vessel walls and other organs – in the connective tissue which surrounds them. They must “hack their way through”. And to do that they use enzymes – proteins – capable of breaking down and provisionally weakening the collagen which are therefore known as “collagen digesting enzymes”.

Breaking Down And Repairing Collagen

One of the most fascinating functions showing how our organism uses precisely this mechanism of breaking down collagen is the female ovulation process. The hormonal changes which take place every month during the first half of the feminine cycle stimulate determined types of cells which construct a wall around the ovule in the process of maturing (follicle).

These cells produce great quantities of enzymes which are likely to break down collagen until in the middle of the cycle the mature ovule accumulates so many that they are now capable of temporarily breaking the collagen tissue of the ovarian wall. This is a mechanism which is repeated every month allowing the ovule to move from the ovary to the womb (uterus) passing through the Fallopian tube. It is clear that this mechanism has to happen at an exact moment in a very specific place. Likewise, it must guarantee that only one ovule matures and moves per cycle.

We’ve known that vitamin C stabilises artery walls for over 200 years. So why hasn’t this information been used medically to fight cardiovascular diseases?

Dr. Matthias Rath

For this, it is absolutely necessary that there is a perfect temporal and physiological balance between the collagen digesting enzymes and the mechanism which blocks them and activates the tissue’s self-regeneration. In order to achieve this, when the ovule abandons the ovary, the activity of the collagen digesting enzymes is blocked due to a series of enzyme inhibitors which are produced by the body. In this way the scales tip in favour of the collagen producing mechanisms which finally prevail over the destruction process. Thanks to this mechanism, the ovarian wall tissue recovers and closes up quickly. Four weeks later, during the next cycle, the whole process repeats itself. And in healthy women this process continues to repeat itself until the menopause.

So, Dr. Rath asserts that cancerous cells – of all types – form tumours which spread with the help of the same mechanism: breaking down the adjacent tissue.

A cancer is therefore the uncontrolled multiplication of a cell – for as yet unexplained reasons – which ends up forming a tumour. And according to Dr. Rath, these cells, with the aim of being able to continue expanding, produce a large quantity of enzymes destined to destroy the collagen in the connective adjacent tissue which gets in its way. Once they have achieved this, the cancerous cells reach the capillary vessels and from there they pass into the blood stream, which allows them to migrate throughout the whole body and invade other areas and organs. They can also spread through plasma. Arriving at a new area of the body, the cancerous cells form groups and start to multiply themselves until they make a second tumour: metastasis is complete.

The speed in which cancer spreads through the body depends on the number of enzymes produced by the cancerous cell. Obviously, the faster the illness spreads, the more the patient’s life expectancy is reduced.

Nature Shows Us The Way

What can we do? As we saw in the ovulation process, nature itself has control mechanisms for enzyme activity. And it does that thanks to two large groups of molecules which can block the mechanism to assimilate and digest collagen.

Diseases basically originate from two detectable cellular factors: lack of bio-energy fuel in the cell power plant – the mitochondria – and defective functioning of the nucleus, its metabolic control centre

asserts Dr. Matthias Rath

The first group includes our organism’s own inhibitors which are capable of stopping the collagen digesting enzymes in a very short time. And this is how it normally works. However, in the case of serious infectious diseases or cancer, it is obvious that sometimes this is not enough. The second group includes enzyme inhibiting substances which come from our diet – or from dietary supplements – and which give us a second line of defence in protecting our collagen.

Fine, so according to Dr. Rath the most important element in this second group is a natural amino acid: lysine. And he asserts that if you take a large enough quantity of lysine using a dietary supplement, the collagen digesting enzymes can be blocked and so the break down of connective tissue can be prevented. This means that above all we’re talking about an efficient preventative agent. But it also fights cancer in synergy with other substances:

The more aggressive the cancer” , states Dr. Rath, “the more collagen digesting enzymes of this type it produces. And this enormous production of enzymes, which are capable of destroying tissue, can be reduced or completely stopped by using the amino acids lysine and proline combined with Vitamin C and some other micronutrients. Recently, our research has established that all types of studied cancerous cells can be blocked using this synergy of nutrients to block the enzyme action.”

Both infectious diseases and cancer spread throughout the organism breaking down the collagen in the adjacent connective tissue 

maintains Dr. Matthias Rath

In short, we’re talking about a treatment which claims to correct the lost equilibrium giving the organism a higher than normal and prolonged concentration of lysine in order to stop the disintegration process. We must add that taking excessive quantities of lysine does not affect the block, according to Dr. Rath’s team, even when patients take 10 times as many grams or more per day. Therefore, taking large doses of this essential amino acid gives great results when treating all types of cancer.

Back in 1977, a Swedish research group led by Dr. Astedt – from Lund University – reported the efficiency of enzyme inhibitors in the treatment of breast cancer: “Secondary tumours were already forming in the brain of a patient suffering from breast cancer” , the Swedish doctor explained in his report. “And whilst radiotherapy and chemotherapy had absolutely no effect whatsoever, treatment based on enzyme inhibitors produced a reduction in cerebral metastasis and the illness’s other symptoms. A year after receiving the treatment, the patient had recovered from the illness.”

More About Lysine

We were saying before that lysine is an amino acid – one of the most important as it intervenes in functions such as growth and tissue repair as well as collaborating in the synthesis of antibodies and hormones – which much be supplied in the form of a dietary supplement. This happens because the organism does not synthesise it, which means, it cannot make it by itself. But, what is an amino acid? In order to understand this, we had better take a closer look at the biology of the cell. And we’re going to do that in a simple way.

It’s enough to take sufficient vitamin C – a substance which is abundant in fresh fruit and vegetables – to prevent and treat practically all cardiovascular diseases

states Dr. Matthias Rath

All the metabolic functions of the human organism are ruled by a biological language. A language in which the letterswould be the amino acids (currently we know of 25 basic amino acids). And these amino acids can join together in very different ways making words – peptides – and then phrases – proteins . Only that in this “language” each letter separately – each amino acid – fulfils important “individual” metabolic functions as well.

It must be added that when the organism itself can synthesize the amino acids – which means, make them using other elements – they are then called non essential amino acids. And if, on the other hand, it can’t produce them itself and must receive them from external sources they are then called essential amino acids In short, they have to be present in the diet because they are essential for living.

So, we can add that in the group of essential amino acids, lysine occupies a fundamental place, similar to that of Vitamin C in the group of Vitamins. And just like Vitamin C, the daily requirement of lysine is higher than that of the other amino acids. Think that approximately 25% of collagen – the structural base for bones, skin, blood vessel walls and other organs – is basically made up of two amino acids: lysine and proline. So that as well as being important in cancer treatment it also plays an essential role in developing the locomotive system .

What’s more, it participates in the synthesis of the amino acid carnitine, which is very important for generating cell energy using fat metabolism; as a consequence, it is equally vital for optimal functioning of the cardiac muscle.

Likewise, lysine collaborates in the synthesis of the growth hormone in the hipophisis. From there its deficiency – along with other essential amino acids – has been linked to symptoms of learning difficulties and cerebral dysfunctions. In fact, the WHO considers lysine to be one of the “critical” amino acids for adequate nutrition and suitable child development.

I’m convinced that the pharmaceutical companies have known for decades that an optimal vitamin supplement would bring the multi-million prescription drug market crashing down.

states Dr. Matthias Rath

That said, we can suppose that the reader will be wondering if we get enough lysine in our food. And the answer is that in many cases we don’t because it is an amino acid which is mostly destroyed when food is boiled or fried. Freezing food destroys it as well. So it is recommendable to take it as a supplement, preferably combined with one of these substances: Vitamin B 2 , B 6 , C, niacin, glutamic acid and iron. As for food rich in lysine, it is most noticeable in fish, chicken, eggs, milk and, although in much reduced quantity in cereals, nuts and pulses. The best results are observed when it is combined with a diet rich in Vitamin C and low in arginine which contains amino acids which are antagonistic or competitive for some functions.

Add to that the fact that the organism can store a high quantity of this amino acid and it shows just how important it is for our health. The body of a person weighing 70 kg stores around 500 grams of lysine at all times. So, taking an overdose of lysine, according to Dr.Rath, is as impossible as overdosing on Vitamin C. Our metabolism is accustomed to dealing with large quantities of both substances and can get rid of any excess whenever it wants and without any difficulty. Actually the opposite is more frequent: it has been proved that nowadays almost everyone suffers from chronic lysine deficiency.

Other Serious Illnesses

Additionally, as Dr. Rath writes in his book “Cancer”, the therapeutic applications of lysine in the fight against disease are not limited to cancer: “ In patients with arteriosclerosis ” , he states, “lysine can stop the spread and growth of the platelet s which are deposited in the arteries of the heart and the brain.

At the same time, a natural therapy process can be started on the arterial walls based on vitamins and other dietary supplements. As for illnesses which originate from a virus, as is the case of flu, herpes and AIDS , or which are caused by bacteria, such as pulmonary infections inner ear or bladder infections , lysine can stop or slow down the bacteria’s aggressive migration. Taking a combination of high doses of Vitamin C and other dietary supplements can bring additional benefits.

Even in patients suffering from a chronic inflammation of the stomach, intestine, joints or bones, using lysine can help to control it, although in order for the treatment of chronic inflammations to be efficient it must include high doses of lysine in combination with other important dietary nutrients. Also the most common allergy problems such as hay fever neurodermatitis or hives can benefit from a lysine-based therapy as it can relieve and prevent the illness. In these cases it is also recommendable to combine lysine with Vitamin C and other dietary supplements .”

Anti-Carcinogenic Substances

Dr. Rath’s research has helped him over the years to produce a list of substances which, alongside Vitamin C and the amino acids lysine and proline, he believes are fundamental for avoiding the propagation of different forms of cancer efficiently following the fact that, in his opinion, the spread of cancer – like that of infectious diseases – is produced by the destruction of collagen in connective tissue. From there, he has focused particularly on substances which avoid that. Let’s look at each one briefly.

  • Vitamin C. Not only does it protect healthy cells by both preventing arteriosclerosis and the propagation of cancer but it also causes the suicide – apoptosis – of the cancerous cells. What’s more, it fights the free radicals. Vitamin C seems to be at its most efficient – in Dr. Rath’s judgement – when it is taken in liposoluble form of ascorbylpalmit.
  • Lysine and proline. They are two natural amino acids – the former is one of the ten essentials – which work as “bricks” in the collagen and elastin fibres The first of these, lysine, avoids decomposition of collagen by inhibiting the effects of the collagen digesting enzymes which means that it plays a fundamental role in protecting the connective tissue and, therefore, in stopping the spread of cancer and infections, as explained above. Whilst, like Vitamin C, the body cannot produce lysine, our health depends on us having enough of it. We must try and get sufficient quantities in our diet or with dietary supplements.
  • Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). This is a catechin present in polyphenals – especially in green tea – which prevents the appearance of cancer and slows down its propagation by inhibiting urokinase, a fundamental enzyme for tumour growth. It therefore has anti-mutating and anti-proliferating properties. Furthermore, the polyphenals are powerful antioxidants which neutralise the free radicals and protect the cells.
  • Selenium . Fundamental component of the body’s antioxidant defence system which also protects the cells from toxins. It slows tumour growth in the first stages of cancer propagation.
  • N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) . This is a powerful antioxidant, which is fundamental for glutation production, and is another efficient antioxidant It also contributes to protecting the connective tissue and avoiding its destruction.
  • Arginine . This is another amino acid, indispensable in high quantities in cases of stress, injury or illness Arginine does not only improve the immune system’s performance but also avoids the multiplication of tumour cells. The largest concentrations of arginine are found in connective tissue.
  • Copper . Indispensable for numerous bodily functions, especially guaranteeing appropriate structure and stability for the connective tissue and protecting it against the free radicals.

The Fight Against The Pharmaceutical System

We must add that for Dr. Rath this works not only for cancer but practically all illnesses providing business for the groups of power who rule the world. And this brought about the creation of a foundation which bears his name from which he has carried out several different initiatives to promote natural methods of prevention and treatment of illness in contrast to the methods of pharmacology medicine.

In the case of the10 point programme, Health for all by the year 2020™, which was presented in Johannesburg in August last year during the annual meeting of the World Health Organisation (WHO) or the presentation in the Hague of The People’s Agenda , a real Constitution for a New world of peace, health and social justice for all .

In the section of this constitution referred to as Health is a basic human right , you can read the following: We, the people of the world, are determined to defend our right to health with all the peaceful means available. And we maintain that the pharmaceutical business with illness and the deliberate promotion of illnesses to make profit for corporations will be outlawed the whole world over.

We will call to Justice all those who deliberately promote illnesses and those who prevent free information about non patentable natural therapies which can save lives. Providing health to our communities and carrying out national health care programmes, we will focus on natural approximations to health which are efficient and safe. The first challenge of any health care strategy is the prevention and uprooting of the illnesses.”

So, going ahead with this declaration of intentions, on 14th June Dr. Rath personally presented “in the name of all the people of the world ” before the International Criminal Court in the Hague a complaint for “genocide and other crimes against humanity committed in connection with the pharmaceutical ‘Business With Disease’ and the recent war against Iraq” before the International Criminal Court in the Hague. Among the accused stand several top dogs from the North American administration – with George W. Bush at the top of the list, followed by the British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the directors of the big multinational pharmaceutical companies.

The accusations in the complaint, referring to the charges made for crimes related with the pharmaceutical industry, are as follows :

“ The accused wilfully and systematically maintain cardiovascular diseases, including high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetic complications and other diseases, cancer, infectious diseases including AIDS, osteoporosis and many other of today’s most common diseases that are recognized to be largely preventable by natural means. The accused have deliberately caused the unnecessary suffering and premature death of hundreds of millions of people .

The accused systematically and deliberately prevent the eradication of cardiovascular disease, cancer and other diseases by obstructing and blocking the dissemination of life-saving information on the health benefits of natural non-patentable therapies. Thereby, the accused have deliberately caused further unnecessary suffering and the premature death of hundreds of millions of people .

The accused deliberately and systematically expand existing diseases and creating new diseases by manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical drugs with short-term symptomatic relief but with known and detrimental long-term side-effects. Thereby the accused have deliberately caused further unnecessary suffering and premature death of hundreds of millions of people .”

We suppose that the reader, after digesting these words, understands why Dr. Matthias Rath is an “awkward” person for the pharmaceutical industry. And probably the reader is wondering why they haven’t gone after him. Rath himself answers that question: “The only reason why the pharmaceutical industry has not retaliated against me is because I linked this ‘Business with Disease’ with the worst crimes committed against humanity in the twentieth century: the massive killing during the Second World War. It is a historical fact that the biggest European petrochemical and pharmaceutical cartel financed Hitler’s rise to power 70 years ago. The Second World War was fundamentally a war to conquer the natural resources in Eastern Europe and Asia.

The Nuremberg War Trials in 1946/47 declared that the Second World War would not have been possible without this petrochemical cartel, called I. G. Farben. For this reason, the tribunal decided to divide I. G. Farben into Bayer, BASF and Hoechst. And some of its directors were sentenced for starting a war against International Rights, for massive assassination and for exploiting and plundering public and private property in foreign countries as well as other crimes against humanity.

The story of the businesses behind the Second World War is documented in the book by Josef Borkin , ‘The Crime and Punishment of I. G. Farben’. Because of this, from the very beginning of my demasking strategy, the pharmaceutical industry has been on the defensive. So it should come as no surprise that they have not tried to retaliate or initiate a lawsuit against me for injury and slander.”

As our readers can confirm, Dr. Matthias Rath is no shrinking violet. And he speaks and acts fearlessly, even though his complaints are devastating. For this reason, once we had recounted his discoveries and explained his proposals to fight cancer and infectious diseases, we wanted to talk at length with him. He agreed. We will expand on our conversation in the next edition. See you then.

Antonio Muro