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April 25, 2004
Reactions to Dr. Rath’s Open Letter
July 7, 2004

The United Nations Committed Suicide!

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Matthias Rath, M.D. is the world-renowned scientist who, during the Iraq War, became a “conscience of the world.” In his last Open Letter in The New York Times on April 25, 2004, Dr. Rath called for the impeachment of President Bush.

This Open Letter was followed within only two days by the airing of the now infamous torture pictures on TV and an erosion in credibility that the current administration will not survive.

With this Open Letter today, Dr. Rath closes the chapter on George Bush and points to the historic opportunity the current situation offers for the future of all mankind.

US Administrator Paul Bremer fled Iraq on June 28 like a thief in the night. George Bush and his administration in the meantime are trying to sell their conquest of Iraq to the people of the world as a contribution to a safer world. Yet everyone knows that the opposite is true.

Six billion people around the world are waking up to the frightening reality that the United Nations as a guarantor of peace and security no longer exists. For the second time in the history of mankind an international organization – explicitly created to maintain peace and international security – has been destroyed. After the demise of the League of Nations 70 years ago, the United Nations committed political suicide in June 2004.

In March 2003, George Bush led a war on Iraq against the decision of the UN and in violation of international law. With its decision made on June 8, 2004 to authorize a US-led military occupation, the UN Security Council retrospectively approved the Iraq War. With this decision the UN Security Council destroyed its own code of international law, the UN Charter and thereby, the very basis for the UN’s existence.

George Bush will go into history as the politician who successfully helped destroy the United Nations. This was not a random act. He completed a plan outlined in earlier strategy papers including the “Project for a New American Century” by Wolfowitz, Cheney, Rumsfeld and others holding top positions in the Bush administration. Now, in June 2004 their mission was accomplished.

What This Means

Any nation of the world, and especially developing nations, is now prey to global corporate interests.

With the UN’s code of international law no longer existing the only security umbrella protecting the great majority of nations is gone. This means that from now on any country – especially the more than 150 developing and threshold countries – can be threatened, attacked and conquered, under any pretense, by any stronger economic power.

Six billion people now live in a world exposed to escalating crises, further wars and corporate greed.

Any country can now be invaded and its people forced to live under conditions that they did not choose voluntarily. The world is no longer governed by national colonial powers.These colonial mechanisms have been replaced by corporate colonialism and the greed of globally operating investment groups and their political stakeholders. In both cases the suffering for the people of the world is the same.

Mankind now has the choice.

We, the people of the world, have to decide now: Do we want the 21st century to become a century of corporate rape of the world’s resources and the subjugation of the people’s health and lives to corporate interests? Or do we decide to take another route?

The Historic Opportunity

The political suicide of the United Nations was the last step in the demise of this organization’s role as servant to the people of the world.

The permanent members of the UN Security Council, notably the US and UK, long ago started to abuse the UN as the political arm of its global corporate interests. These corporate interests also systematically abused the UN suborganisations WHO and WTO as instruments to cement structures of “corporate colonialism.”

Particularly devastating has been the influence of the largest investment industry on earth – the pharmaceutical industry. While they promise to deliver health to the world, their return on investment is based on the continuation of diseases – as global markets for their drugs.

By abusing the WTO these interests forced the acceptance of the unscrupulous principle of patent fees even upon the poorest nations of the world. At the same time, by abusing the WHO, the drug companies are trying to outlaw effective natural health alternatives under cover of the UN’s Codex Alimentarius. Hundreds of millions of people have died because the UN has betrayed its mandate from the people of the world.

Mankind now has the historic opportunity to create a lasting world government for the people by the people – the Alliance of Nations. Its founding principles are set out below. Now it’s up to the people of the world to make it a reality.

Now the People of the World Must Build the Alliance of Nations


1. A Lasting World Government for the People By the People. The Alliance of Nations (AN) is an international organization open to all countries of the world to join. Particularly, the developing countries and economic threshold nations, as well as smaller industrialized nations, have a great need for an international alliance able to protect their integrity as nations, as well as the fundamental interests of billions of people. The participation of the people and of non-governmental organizations is an essential part of the Alliance of Nations.

2. The Need to Replace the United Nations. The Alliance of Nations replaces the United Nations as a world government because in connection with the Iraq War, the UN has abandoned its very own Charter, broken its own code of international law and, thereby, lost its very reason for existing. This was only the final step. Over the past decades, the UN has already been abused as the political arm of global economic powers to force their interests upon the less wealthy nations and the people of the world.

3. The Urgency to Protect the Nations of the World. The primary purpose for the founding of the UN and its Charter was to ban wars of aggression in order to prevent another World War and to protect the more than 150 smaller nations in the world from being occupied by economic powers on behalf of corporate interests. With the UN code of international law now irreparably destroyed, this protective shield no longer exists. There now arises an objective and urgent need for a new code of international law to protect the great majority of nations and their people and to secure world peace.

4. The Urgency to Prevent a World War. Twice before, mankind has decided to create world parliaments. In 1919, after the end of WWI, the League of Nations was founded in order to prevent another World War. Its failure to stop the rise of Nazi Germany paved the way for the next World War. In 1945, in response to WWII, the United Nations was founded. Six decades later, this body had failed too because it was unable to stop some of its member states from attacking other nations in open breach of the UN’s international law.This failure paves the way for more international crises with the ultimate danger of WWIII, a war that would be fought with weapons of mass destruction. The Alliance of Nations will be the first world government deliberately established before – not after – a World War, with the determination of all mankind to prevent its own demise and secure its future.

The sooner the Alliance of Nations is founded and the more nations support it, the sooner international security will be reestablished and the sooner we and our children can live in a world of lasting health, peace and social justice.

Purposes and Principles

The Alliance of Nations is founded as a world government for the people by the people. Its purposes and principles being a lasting global government serving exclusively the interests of the people of the world.

1. The Goals. The goals of the Alliance of Nations are to promote and secure a world of peace, health and social justice as defined by its constitution.

2. Equal Rights for All People. The purpose of the Alliance of Nations is to secure peace for all inhabitants of our planet and to make sure that all people enjoy the same rights to health, dignity, prosperity and access to the resources of our planet.

3. Equal Rights for All Nations: One Country – One Vote. Every country, rich or poor, is equal within the Alliance of Nations and has one vote.The decisions of the Alliance of Nations are binding for its member states. The “One Country – One Vote” principle in a world government is an important step to secure world peace for all future generations.

4. People Before Profits. The Alliance of Nations is planning and carrying out its policies in the interests of the people, not on behalf of the interests of corporations. In order to protect their fundamental rights, the people of the world can demand a global referendum to be carried out on important issues, such as health, that is binding to the world parliament.

5. Benefits of Peace and Prosperity. Membership in the Alliance of Nations lies in the interest of every person and every nation on earth because this global alliance meets their most basic needs. The first and foremost need of the people of the world is that of peace and international security through the Alliance of Nations.The needs for health, social justice and prosperity will be met by an extensive multilateral exchange of information and cooperation in the field of health, science, trade, micro- and macro-economy, culture and other areas.

6. Eliminating the Gap Between Poor and Rich Countries. By using scientific advances and new technologies, the economic dependency between rich and poor nations will decrease and eventually be eliminated. Two areas – health and energy – will be jointly developed with the highest priority because these two sectors have been consistently abused in the past to create international dependencies and to cement global inequality. Thus, addressing these areas will inevitably decrease the dependency of the great majority of nations, end economic colonialism and ultimately close the gap between rich and poor countries.

7. Health for All – By Eradicating Today’s Most Common Diseases. Deficiencies in micronutrients have been scientifically proven to be the cause of today’s most common diseases – including cardiovascular disease. Animals don’t get heart attacks, because – as opposed to humans – they produce their own vitamin C in their bodies, which enhances collagen production and the stability of the blood vessel wall. In a similar way, micronutrient deficiencies are a primary cause for the susceptibility to infectious diseases, including AIDS.

The eradication of cardiovascular disease, cancer and osteoporosis, as well as the control of global epidemics such as tuberculosis and AIDS largely depend on the global dissemination of this basic health information. By promoting World Health Alphabetization, the Alliance of Nations will terminate health illiteracy – thereby eliminating the precondition for today’s most common diseases – thereby, saving billions of lives and trillions in health care costs.

8. Terminating the Investment “Business With Disease.” The Business With Disease, the deliberate continuation and promotion of diseases for corporate gain, is outlawed by the Alliance of Nations. Patents in the area of health, as well as human, animal and plant life, are eliminated because they are the economic basis for the pharmaceutical investment business with disease.

9. Energy for All. New sources of renewable energy are being made available that can essentially provide free energy to all people on our planet. Besides solar energy, the use of energy from water (hydrogen technology) has been scientifically developed. The mass production of these renewable forms of energy and their provision to the people of the world at essentially no cost decreases any dependency on the petrochemical investment business.
More Information on Hydrogen Energy

10. Comprehensive System of International Law. The International Law of the Alliance of Nations replaces the nonexistent UN’s international code of law. The International Law of the Alliance of Nations is governed by the principles of dignity and equal rights for all people of the world and the desire for peace, security and justice for all nations, large and small. This International Law of the Alliance of Nations is binding for all members and sanctions are defined for violations. Leading wars of aggression in violation of this International Law of the Alliance of Nations will be punished by immediate international isolation of the perpetrators.

11. Peaceful Settling of Conflicts. The member nations of the Alliance of Nations commit to resolve all conflicts arising among each other by peaceful means.

12. International Security System. In order to protect its members from being threatened, attacked or occupied by non-member states, the Alliance of Nations sets up and maintains a defense system, including peacekeeping forces, that is sufficient to cope with such a threat.The Alliance of Nations commits to the exclusively defensive nature of this force.

13. Disarmament as a Goal. The maintenance of defensive and protective forces of the Alliance of Nations is a necessary step in a world that is still governed by economic powers and military force.At the same time, the Alliance of Nations member countries are committed to working toward a global ban of weapons of mass destruction and toward disarmament.

14. Seat of the Alliance of Nations. The key to lasting peace on our planet is the abolition of inequality between rich and poor countries. In order to accelerate this process, the first seat of the Alliance of Nations is chosen to be a country representing the developing world with a history of liberation from the shackles of colonialism.

Matthias Rath, M.D.
June 29, 2004