The reactions of the Bush Adminstration to Dr. Rath’s Open Letters in the New York Times
July 29, 2004
From ‘Pharma-Fraud’ to ‘Pharma-Terror’
September 2, 2004

A Patients’ Bill of Rights

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On July 25, 2004, The New York Times wrote: “The Democratic vice presidential candidate Senator John Edwards, a longtime plaintiff attorney, said that his proudest accomplishment in Washington thus far was to help win Senate passage of a bill defining patients’ rights, including the right to sue.” Unfortunately, this bill never became law.

The first task for the new Democratic administration is a Patients’ Bill of Rights to protect the health interests of the American people from the unscrupulous pharmaceutical investment business, which is driven by the continuation of diseases.

The American people can no longer tolerate that the health and lives of every family are threatened by an investment industry that fraudulently promises health – yet, in fact, promotes diseases as billion-dollar markets for its drugs. This “Pharma-Fraud” is the largest organized fraud in history and the very foundation of the pharmaceutical industry.

This Patients’ Bill of Rights must protect patients’ rights to free access to lifesaving information about natural, nonpatentable therapies, and it must secure the patients’ right to sue drug makers for the devastating side effects of their synthetic, patented drugs.

The Immediate Causes of the Current Health Care Crisis

The Bush Administration and the “Pharma-Fraud” Business

Do You Know the Facts That:

  • The pharmaceutical and petrochemical (oil) industries are held in the hands of the same financial interest groups, such as Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan.
  • The pharmaceutical industry has become the largest and most profitable investment industry with annual gains in excess of $540 billion. (Source: Vatican, February 2004)
  • The drug manufacturers were the largest donors to the 2000 presidential election campaign. Without this support, the Bush administration would not be in the White House today.
  • Key representatives of the pharmaceutical industry were appointed as policy makers in the Bush administration, most notably Donald Rumsfeld, a former pharmaceutical CEO and highly decorated drug maker executive.
  • Five out of 10 key legislative initiatives during the Bush administration were nothing other than multi-billion dollar government subsidy programs for the pharmaceutical drug cartel.
  • With these kinds of politically motivated kickbacks amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars, the pharmaceutical cartel is again investing millions in the Bush re-election campaign.

Understanding the “Pharma-Fraud” Business

To prevent Bush from being re-elected and to ensure a new policy direction, we need to unmask the interest group behind the Bush administration – the unscrupulous “Pharma-Fraud” business.

Do You Know the Facts That:

  • The pharmaceutical industry is not a naturally grown health industry, but rather is an artificially designed investment “business with disease.”
  • The pharmaceutical industry promises health solutions to the people of the world, yet the return on investment for this industry is dependent on the continuation and expansion of diseases as drug markets.
  • The engine of this “Pharma-Fraud” is the patentability of drugs, a business principle that requires the elimination of all natural, nonpatentable health approaches and the exclusive development of synthetic patentable drugs, most of which have toxic side effects.
  • The prevention and eradication of diseases can and will never be in the interest of this industry because they threaten its return on investment and eventually will destroy this investment business by eliminating its marketplace – diseases.

The pharmaceutical investment business with disease is the largest organized fraud operation in history – it promises health, yet delivers diseases!

The Inhumane Dimensions of “Pharma-Fraud” and
its Cover-Up by the Bush Administration

The Heavy Toll of the “Pharma-Fraud” Business on the American People

The consequences of this “Pharma-Fraud” affect the health and lives of every American – many of whom have already paid the ultimate price.

Do You Know the Facts That:

  • More than 100,000 Americans die each year from the known deadly side effects of prescription drugs, an epidemic only surpassed by the deaths from cardiovascular disease and cancer. (JAMA, April 15, 1998)
  • There is hardly any pharmaceutical drug without known deadly side effects. These harmful drugs include, among many others, beta blockers, calcium antagonists, chemotherapy drugs and cholesterol blockers (statins).
  • Statins are currently taken by 11 million Americans daily, yet their health benefits remain doubtful as their side effects accumulate. Fifty people died from taking the statin Baycol, and the six million who have taken this drug are living on borrowed time.
  • A recent study with statins in pregnant women published in the New England Journal of Medicine on April 8, 2004 showed that 20 out of 52 babies – almost half of them – exposed to harmful statin drugs during pregnancy were born with severe malformations.
  • All chemotherapy drugs – the “Pharma-Fraud” answer to the cancer epidemic – are severely toxic agents that damage all cells in the body.Thus, the most frequent side effect of chemotherapy is the development of new forms of cancer in patients taking these drugs.
  • The “Pharma-Fraud” answer to AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is AZT, a toxic agent that blocks the genetic material in all cells, including the white blood cells required for the patient’s immune defense. Thus, the most frequent side effect of AIDS treatment is an even more severe form of this disease.

There Must Be No Amnesty for the Ongoing “Pharma-Fraud” Business

The damage to the health of the American people and the economy of the entire nation done by the “Pharma-Fraud” business far surpasses the damage caused by the tobacco industry.

The health and lives of millions of people are being deliberately sacrificed by the withholding of lifesaving health information for one reason only – it is not patentable and less profitable. The patentable synthetic drugs marketed instead cause severe side effects to an extent that this has caused the fourth largest deadly epidemic among American people – prescription drug death (JAMA 4/15/98). The costs to society of this “Pharma-Fraud” amount to billions of dollars.

Similar to the tobacco litigation, the people, the communities and states across America have filed lawsuits against drug makers to save lives and to bring the multi-billion dollar “Pharma-Fraud” to an immediate end. In the Baycol case, more than 10,000 complaints are already pending against Bayer and GlaxoSmithKline.

In order to protect “Pharma-Fraud” and to allow this unscrupulous business to continue, the Bush administration seeks to grant general amnesty to the drug industry. Because no healthy-minded person would support such a political favor – the Bush administration tried to sell a “Trojan Horse” to the American people:

  • First, they tried to hide the “Pharma-Fraud” amnesty behind the so-called “medical liability litigation reform.”
  • Second, they tried to insert the “Pharma-Fraud” amnesty into the Patriot Act and other laws hastily created in the wake of September 11.
  • Now, with little time left in their tenure, they have dropped all pretense. In a dramatic change of established government policy, they announced on July 24, 2004 their determination for a comprehensive “Pharma-Fraud” amnesty by banning consumers from suing drug manufacturers.

The Natural Health Alternatives and
the Efforts of the Bush Administration to Ban them

Lifesaving Natural Health Alternatives Deliberately Withheld From the American People by the “Pharma-Fraud” Business

In order to conduct their global fraud operation, the drug industry needed to eliminate the dissemination of effective, safe and natural alternatives that are non-patentable and do not lend themselves to financial speculation.

As a direct result of this health censorship, millions of Americans did not get proper, lifesaving health information that would have allowed the effective prevention of cardiovascular disease, cancer and other health problems.

This black out of essential health information was no easy task. For decades, billions of dollars have been spent by the “Pharma-Fraud” business to buy strategic influence from medical schools (pharmacology), health care providers, the media, political parties and, ultimately, the Bush administration.

The American people must learn immediately that scientific discoveries have been made explaining why the three leading causes of death in America, heart attacks, cancer and strokes, are essentially unknown in the animal world.

Do You Know the Facts That:

  • Most human diseases are essentially unknown in the animal world, including cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and other diseases.
  • As opposed to humans, almost all animals produce large amounts of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) in their livers by converting it from sugar. This vitamin is the single most important catalyst for the production of collagen and elastin, the key molecules for stabilizing blood vessels and connective tissues and, thereby, for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and other conditions.
  • AIDS – the greatest threat to the developing world – is not reproducible in animal models. It has recently been shown to be best managed by a combination of vitamins and other essential nutrients that now can save millions of lives and billions in health care costs. (NYT, July 1, 2004)

There is no reason why these diseases should continue to threaten millions of people once their scientific cause has been understood. And it has.

The Bush Administration’s Final Coup: Abuse of WHO for Protection of the “Pharma-Fraud” Business and a Global Ban on Natural Health

The people of America and all mankind have reached a stage where we can liberate ourselves from the yoke of today’s most common diseases and from the “Pharma-Fraud” business.

It is the responsibility of and an opportunity for a new Democratic administration to provide this ultimate service to the American people, saving millions of lives and billions in health care costs.

This will be no easy path.The special interest groups behind “Pharma-Fraud” will put up a fierce battle to protect their economic privileges derived from their multi-billion dollar business with disease. In this endeavor, the new Democratic administration needs the full support of the people of America – and they will get it.

The rewards will be breathtaking: In coming generations, heart attacks and strokes will be the exception, and today’s most common diseases will be essentially unknown. The resources set free will be used to meet urgent needs in the areas of health, education, unemployment and other pressing issues of mankind.

In a final coup, the Bush administration is trying to block this liberation of mankind from the burden of disease.

Do You Know the Facts That:

  • The Bush administration is spearheading an international effort to outlaw the dissemination of information about the lifesaving health benefits of vitamins, essential nutrients and other natural non-patentable therapies.
  • The Bush administration even abuses the World Health Organization’s Codex Alimentarius Commission for one purpose only: the protection of the “Pharma-Fraud” business against the rapid advances in the area of natural health. (For more information, visit our website.)

But this effort by the Bush administration – behind the backs of the American people – is nothing but the last hurrah of a system that is bound to die.

With the presidential election in November 2004, the people in America have the opportunity to shorten this agony.

Isn’t That Enough for the People of America?

You have the choice: You can continue sacrificing your health and life for the perpetuation of the “Pharma-Fraud” business – or, you can take action now to eradicate today’s most common diseases and terminate the “Pharma-Fraud.”

This November, vote only for politicians who guarantee your basic health rights:

  • Unrestricted patient right to sue drug makers for life-threatening drug side effects
  • Free patient access to lifesaving, natural, non-patentable health measures