George Bush – Do Not Start World War III
October 10, 2004
Why Millions of Americans Cannot Get Flu Shots
November 1, 2004

Vitamin Consumers Will Determine the Next US President

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Did You Know?

  • That you are the single largest voice together with 150 million Americans who are taking vitamins and other nutritional supplements on a daily basis;
  • That recent breakthroughs in the area of vitamin and natural health research will lead to the natural control of heart attacks, strokes, cancer, osteoporosis and other common diseases in America;
  • That the implementation of these discoveries into national health care policies will save millions of lives and billions in health care costs;
  • That these findings have been supported by more than 10,000 studies documented on the Internet (;
  • That these findings have been deliberately withheld from the American people in the interest of the pharmaceutical investment business based on patented drugs.

Now You know! Now You have a voice!

Did You Know?

  • That the Bush administration and the US Government are leading an international effort to ban free access to vitamins and other non-patentable natural therapies worldwide;
  • That this unscrupulous effort is being orchestrated by abusing international organizations such as the United Nation’s Codex Alimentarius Commission;
  • That this attempt violates the rights of free access to vitamins and other natural therapies for the people of America as guaranteed by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994;
  • That the only motive for the current US government to act against the will of the American people is to protect the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical investment business based on synthetic patentable drugs from effective and safe non-patentable natural therapies.

Now You know! Now You have a voice!

Did You Know?

  • That the pharmaceutical industry is not a health industry, but rather a multi-trillion dollar investment business;
  • That an overwhelming 80% of pharmaceutical drugs do not prevent or cure diseases; they merely cover symptoms, while creating lucrative new disease markets through a myriad of harmful side effects;
  • That the very existence of this drug industry is based on maintaining and expanding diseases as markets for its investment business with patented drugs;
  • That the pharmaceutical industry was the largest corporate sponsor of the 2000 presidential election campaign of George Bush and without this decisive support, he would not be in the White House today;
  • That – as a kickback – 50% of the key legislations pushed by the Bush administration benefited the drug industry totalling more than one trillion dollars.

Now You know! Now You have a voice!

People Before Profits

George Bush’s favorite domestic topic of his 2004 election campaign is “medical liability reform”. Doesn’t it make you suspicious that this non-issue among voters was one of the first programmatic points for Bush at the Republican Convention?

While Bush pretends this legislation is in the interest of patients – the opposite is true: its sole purpose is to protect the makers of harmful drugs from having to pay for the severe health damages done to millions of patients in the name of drug profits.

More than 84 million people have taken the deadly painkiller drug Vioxx. Tens of thousands of Vioxx patients will die long after this drug has been taken off the market. But VIOXX is not an exception – it is the rule: The known deadly side effects of prescription drugs have become the fourth leading cause of death in America (Journal of the American Medical Association, April 15, 1998).

Considering this deadly epidemic, drug makers are desperate. Hundreds of millions of dollars – about 75% of the official “organization spending” for the Bush election campaigns – have come from organizations openly fighting the fundamental right of patients to sue drug makers.

But millions of patients and entire states are waking up and suing drug makers for the harm they have done to the American people and the US economy. Don’t let the Bush administration take this fundamental right away from you under the cover of “medical liability reform”.

To cover the true nature of “medical liability reform” as a protectionist law for drug manufacturers against liability lawsuits by harmed patients, George Bush deceives the American people and pretends that this legislation is about them and doctors:

As I have traveled our country, I have met too many good doctors, especially obstetricians and gynecologists, who are being forced out of practice because of the high cost of lawsuits. To make health care more affordable and accessible, we must pass medical liability reform now.