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October 28, 2004
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November 25, 2004

Why Millions of Americans Cannot Get Flu Shots

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After the Vioxx scandal, the vaccine shortage was artificially created to cover the tainted credibility of the pharmaceutical drug cartel.

George Bush wants to grant amnesty to makers of Vioxx and other deadly drugs under the cover of “medical liability reform.”


  1. The Vioxx scandal exposed the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical investment business as a giant fraud system. It promises health, yet the return on investment of this entire industry is dependent on the sale of patentable synthetic drugs and the continuation of diseases as markets for these patented drugs. Vioxx is not the exception, it is the rule and the deadly side effects of prescription drugs have become the fourth leading cause of death in America.
  2. The drug industry has been the single largest corporate donor of the Bush election campaigns in 2000 and 2004. The drug companies and their cover organizations have put hundreds of millions of dollars into the Bush campaign coffers.
  3. In return, the drug manufacturers – the investors in disease – received subsidies and other paybacks totaling more than $1 trillion.
  4. Under the cover of “medical liability reform,” George Bush is trying to pull his greatest trick. If elected, one of the first laws passed will be an amnesty law for the makers of Vioxx and other deadly drugs. This law would prevent any patients harmed by Vioxx and other drugs from being compensated for the damage done to their health and lives.
  5. George Bush knows that he could never “sell” such an unscrupulous legislation to his voters. This is why he deceptively promotes “medical liability reform” as being in the interests of patients and doctors. There is no word about the drug makers.
  6. Dr. Rath has exposed this scam on the American people in The New York Times and other leading American newspapers. Following this exposure, the alliance between the Bush administration and the pharmaceutical cartel resorted to a last desperate move to prevent the complete loss of the credibility of the drug industry with the American people.
  7. Only one week after Dr. Rath exposed the inevitable demise of the pharmaceutical industry in The New York Times, the pharmaceutical cartel decided to create an artificial shortage of flu shots for millions of Americans. The purpose of this ruthless plan was to demonstrate a false dependency on the drug cartel to millions of Americans.
  8. The sole purpose of creating this artificial shortage was the desperate effort of the pharmaceutical cartel trying to repair its lost credibility among the American people. By implementing this reckless plan, the financial investment groups behind this industry are deliberately risking the health and lives of millions of people in America.
  9. The maliciousness of this plan becomes evident when the following facts are considered: Effective vaccines comprise only 1.7% of the total sales of pharmaceutical companies. In contrast, more than 80% of the pharmaceutical business is based on expensive patented drugs with no proven efficacy in preventing or curing diseases. While they merely cover symptoms, they almost always produce a myriad of lifethreatening side effects.
  10. The people of America are waking up to the sobering fact that the unscrupulous coalition between the pharmaceutical cartel and the Bush administration is holding their health and their lives hostage.


  • Millions of people in America will be deprived of the possibility to sue drug companies for the health damage they have caused.
  • The health and lives of millions of Americans will continue to be sacrificed to the pharmaceutical investment business based on patented synthetic drugs.
  • Effective and safe natural therapies, which are nonpatentable, will be restricted and outlawed.

On November 2, You Decide About Your Health

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