Exposing the cholesterol fraud
January 21, 2008
Has the Mafia Taken Over in Brussels?
February 22, 2008

Road map to affordable health care for all

New York Times, January 31, 2008

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Public Health Message for Candidates and People Who Want Real Change

On January 15, 2008, the “New York Times” and others reported about a clinical study with a combination of two cholesterol lowering drugs (statins) that showed shocking results: Patients receiving these statin drugs developed coronary artery plaques – the cause of heart attacks – twice as fast as the control group. Worse, the drug makers had withheld this crucial data for almost 2 years – despite the fact that 5 million people are currently taking these drugs. Statin drugs are a $40 billion annual business built entirely on the perception that they prevent heart attacks. This study threatens the credibility of the entire drug industry. A Congressional investigation is pending.

Answers to Heart Disease: www.roadmap-to-health.org


Is this surprising? Not really. This scandal is not an exception, but the rule. The principles of the drug industry are simple: 1. Diseases serve as the marketplace for the multi-billion dollar business with patented drugs. 2. Prevention and eradication of diseases would eliminate these markets. 3. The pharmaceutical investment business depends on selling perceptions, while making sure that diseases continue as markets for drug sales. 4. The burden of this multi-billion dollar fraud is being carried by the people of America and the world. www.pharma-fact.org


  • HEART DISEASE. They tell us that high cholesterol levels damage the blood vessel walls and cause clogging of the arteries. Aplumber understands that if this were true we would get nose attacks and ear attacks at the same rate as heart attacks – and our veins would also clog. This is not the case.
  • CANCER. They tell us that chemotherapy drugs are the answer to cancers, because they destroy cancer cells. What they do not tell us is that chemotherapy agents are cell toxic chemicals many of them listed in the official “US Report on Carcinogens,” i.e. cancer-causing agents. www.chemo-facts.com
  • AIDS. They tell us that similar chemotherapy drugs (antiretrovirals, ARVs) are the answer to the immune deficiency disease AIDS. What they do not tell us is that these toxic drugs further damage the immune system &ndsah; and that the product information of all ARV drugs is required by law to state that these drugs are no cure for HIV or AIDS. www.ARV-facts.com

Can it be that there is an industry that risks the lives of millions of people?

Solutions to our health:

Auschwitz prisoner no. 6804, A. Kowalczyk, passes on the “Relay of Remembrance and Life” to Dr. Rath. More information at:


We are not only faced with a tyranny of oil. As long as the fraudulent “business with disease” remains unchallenged today’s major diseases can not be controlled. If we stay indifferent, the problem of skyrocketing health care costs that drive millions of people into unemployment and personal bankruptcy can never be solved. Considering these facts, is it a surprise that the drug industry spends billions to influence public opinion and was the single largest donor to the election campaigns of George W. Bush?

Over the past five years, Dr. Matthias Rath has become a voice of conscience by exposing the interests of the drug industry behind the Iraq War in international media. www.roadmap-to-health.org

Attacked by the lobby of the drug cartel worldwide, the Dr. Rath Health Foundation was recently awarded one of the highest honors ever – the “Relay of Remembrance and Life” by survivors of the Auschwitz concentration camp. The message of this reward is clear: Thousands of prisoners in Auschwitz were killed during medical experiments with drugs patented by IG Farben’s Bayer division, the largest pharmaceutical cartel of its time.

The driving principle of the drug industry then and now is profit over life.

But we can change that – and there are solutions!

More information: www.roadmap-to-health.org