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June 18, 2008
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August 14, 2008

Yes, We Can Prevent Their WWIII Plans!

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New York Times, July 17, 2008

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Bush and Cheney Prepare For Nuclear War Before November 4!


The era of the tyranny of the oil and drug cartel is ending. The first mass production of hydrogen cars – fueled only by water – shows everyone that water energy can also run trains, heat homes and illuminate cities. In medicine, effective, safe and affordable therapies are replacing tainted statins and toxic “chemotherapies.”

These scientific advances are threatening the multi-billion dollar investment business with oil and patented drugs. Under threat of extinction, the oil and drug cartel tries to cement its global rule.


The “movement of change” in the US will accelerate the end of the global tyranny of this cartel. Faced with that perspective the investment groups behind the oil and drug business are uniting behind John McCain as their candidate. But that is not all.

Only if the Bush administration or their allies launch a nuclear war in the next 4 months could the global rule of these interests prevail. Under the horror and martial laws of World War III the oil and drug cartel would cement its dictatorial rule for generations to come.


With the shift in US politics, the oil and drug cartel has strategically developed a “French Connection”. In another nuclear power, France, it brought Sarkozy and his deputy Kouchner to power as strategic alternates for Bush/Cheney. All four of them already announced publicly their readiness to launch WWIII.

Until November 4, these stalwarts of the cartel will be desperate to ignite WWIII by authorizing a nuclear attack on Iran. Not since the Cuban Missile Crisis has the world been in greater danger than now!


“Plan A” of the cartel was to use the Iraq War as a launching pad for WWIII. The exposure of this plan in public alert ads in the New York Times and elsewhere prevented that we are living already in a postnuclear war era. Without this civil courage there would be no “movement of change.”

If this movement wants to achieve its goals it must speak out now against the immediate danger of a nuclear war. Indifference will inevitably cause its disappearence under a thick layer of post-nuclear war martial laws.

The facts, motives and plans of the oil and drug cartel should be obvious to everyone. Now you need to speak up!

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