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May 1, 2009
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July 22, 2009

The dam of the “business with the AIDS epidemic” is breaking

The new findings from two academic institutions in Hamburg and Heidelberg, Germany, published in May 2009 in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA” – that green tea extracts can inhibit the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) – may come as a surprise to many people, but not to us.

The researchers from these institutions published scientific proof that EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) – a natural component of green tea – can be used as an effective antiretroviral agent to reduce sexual transmission of HIV. The study has shown that EGCG can neutralize a small protein (peptide) present in human semen that promotes HIV infection. This peptide can boost infectivity of HIV by forming a network of fibrils that can trap the virus and attach it to the surface of target cells, thereby promoting viral infection of these cells.

The researchers found that in the presence of EGCG such a fibril network cannot be formed, thus suppressing the ability of the virus to infect the cells. The scientists suggest that EGCG can be administered as a component of anti-microbial agents, e.g., in vaginal creams. Since EGCG is very stable in an acidic milieu, such as the vaginal environment, it can be used to abolish the pro-HIV infectivity properties of semen and prevent the spread of HIV.

However, the effectiveness of EGCG against HIV reported in this work is, of course, not new. It was obvious from many earlier scientific publications. The German scientists merely provided more information about the possible mechanisms by which EGCG can prevent HIV infection.

Our own recent studies with chronically HIV infected cells have shown that green tea extract also has another effect: it suppresses the production of the virus inside the cells. This suppression can be further enhanced by combining green tea extract with ascorbic acid and other nutrients such as lysine. Moreover, our scientific approach has expanded beyond individual nutrient effects, such as the one presented in the German study. We have introduced the principle of biological synergy, which enables the achieving of better physiological effects with lower nutrient doses and the preserving of metabolic balance – the basis of all healthy cellular functions.

Also, EGCG is not the only effective nutrient in the fight against HIV. Various studies conducted as long as two decades ago have documented that vitamin C and N-acetylcysteine can inhibit many metabolic stages related to HIV infectivity and its replication in the cells. The work substantiating the anti-HIV effectiveness of vitamin C was conducted in 1990 by Dr. Raxit Jariwalla and his research team and endorsed by the Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling. The studies documenting the anti-HIV potential of N-acetylcysteine were also published in the early 1990s, at Stanford University in California.

All these and many other findings challenging pharmaceutical-based medicine and its antiretroviral (ARV) drugs business were ignored by mainstream medicine for two decades. Moreover, the scientific pioneers of this research were vigorously fought by the pharmaceutical lobby promoting patented chemotherapy drugs to fight AIDS. As a result of this opposition, millions of AIDS patients have been dying unnecessarily and the cost of toxic ARV drugs is strangulating the economies of many countries, especially in the developing world.

What could trigger the study of EGCG in relation to AIDS?

The publicity surrounding our work in South Africa and our documentation of the significant health benefits of micronutrients (including EGCG) in almost 1000 patients suffering from HIV/AIDS was intended to attack Dr. Rath, his discoveries, and discredit our work. It did not succeed, however, but instead triggered interest in considering natural options to combat AIDS.

Science does not progress by adhering to dogmas, but by the challenges and ideas which inspire searches for answers and scientific truths. As such, the findings of the German research team simply substantiate what Dr. Rath and his research team have been stating for years about the natural control of HIV/AIDS epidemics.

They also further confirm the potential of natural substances such as polyphenols – in addition to vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients – in protecting our health. These health benefits are achievable without the risk of toxic side effects which are inherent to pharmaceutical drugs. This, and many other studies, confirms that the pharmaceutical profit-driven business has failed in bringing innovative and effective solutions to health; instead, it simply clings on as an old medieval fortress, protecting its wealth and fighting any progress that will make its existence obsolete.

How you can help to change the future of medicine

Will EGCG research now finally find practical applications in fighting HIV? How about the use of these green tea extracts in the fight against other diseases for which they have been proven to effectively combat? How many people are familiar with documentation on the benefits of micronutrient synergy in cancer, heart disease, AIDS and other health problems?

We can’t count on the scientists from Germany – or from any other country or institution – to fight the pharmaceutical “business with disease”. However, whilst we already have the necessary scientific tools, to change the future of medicine we need your help.

In particular, the need for objective health education is of the very highest importance. In this respect, our World Health Alphabetization (WHA) campaign is a key tool and we urge you to share it as widely as possible. For, unbeknownst to millions of people worldwide, recent scientific breakthroughs in vitamin research have demonstrated that a chronic deficiency of micronutrients is the most frequent cause of today’s most common diseases. Thus, ending the illiteracy regarding these basic health facts is a precondition to win the war against cardiovascular disease, cancer, AIDS and other common health problems.

Just as importantly, however, everyone should also know the facts about:

By spreading the scientific facts on these issues, and, at the same time, raising awareness of the existence of safe and effective alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs, you can help to save millions of lives.

Please spread awareness of them as widely as possible amongst your family, friends and work colleagues.

The future of medicine is in your own hands!