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August 5, 2010
President Obama, Wake Up America!
November 13, 2010

Wake Up, America! Prevent Dictatorship And War!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Ending the ‘Tyranny of Oil’

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New technologies like hydrogen, solar and other renewable forms of energy, promise to replace mankind’s dependency from oil for public and private transport, utilities and all other areas of energy.

What will bring annual savings of thousands of dollars for every family, millions in savings for businesses and billions for national economies around the world will, on the other hand, lead to losses amounting to trillions of dollars for the Oil Cartel – and ultimately to its demise.

In this desperate situation, the Oil Cartel is ready to use all means conceivable to prevent its meltdown – even at the risk of drawing the whole of mankind into the abyss. On April 23, 2010, I warned in this newspaper about the risk of a nuclear war launched in the interest of this Cartel. This warning has since been echoed by leading politicians and discussed in parliaments.

On July 16, 2010, I exposed here the historical parallels between the political climate in Germany in the 1930s and that of the US today. In both cases, the Cartel financed the political destabilization of democracy, with the goal of replacing it with a corporate dictatorship as a stepping stone towards a world war.

In Germany, then, the Cartel succeeded in seizing power and launching WWII because people and politicians around the world ignored the early warning signs.

In the USA, today, the Cartel has launched an all-out psychological war. Organizations like the ‘Tea Party’ are polarizing and radicalizing society. The fierce reactions of those trying to protect democracy are already factored into this ‘strategy of provocation’. The only way to stop this calculated escalation of destructive political culture is to expose the motives and the roots of these forces. This time, they will not succeed!

The publication date of these facts coincides with the 2010 UN General Assembly and the election campaign for US Congress – and no one can say: We did not know.

The Dimension of the Threat

Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and corporate power.

Benito Mussolini, Fascist dictator of Italy

The precarious nature of the current situation can be analyzed with almost mathematical precision:

The ubiquitous availability of new forms of energy from sun, wind and water, including hydrogen energy, will no longer allow the monopolization of energy by corporate Cartels. The global implementation of these energies will ultimately provide “free energy for all.

Thus, the continuation of the Oil Cartel’s business is no longer compatible with democracy. It requires the establishment of global dictatorships with the goal to impose by force the artificial prolongation of mankinds dependency from oil.

But even that will not be enough so long as the ‘know-how’ about the technologies for providing ‘free energy’ from natural resources are a common heritage of mankind. The only way to extinguish this know-how is to set mankind back several decades.

The most effective way to achieve this would be an all-out nuclear war. In the aftermath of such an event, any residual knowledge about these technologies would no longer pose a threat to the Cartel – in face of the insurmountable problems of those who survive.

Towards this end, the stakeholders of the Cartel are trying to escalate current regional crises – e.g. in the Middle-East – into a global military conflict.

The biggest threat for a nuclear war in the 21st Century arises from the growing discrepancy between the Oil Cartel’s current economic and political influence and mankind’s rapidly decreasing dependency on its merchandise.

The Strategic Role of the USA

The key country in the Cartel’s ‘survival strategy’ is the USA. Not only is the US the home base of most Cartel corporations, it also commands the world’s largest arsenal of nuclear weapons. Thus, for its strategy to prepare for a nuclear war, the Cartel must control the White House.

A major setback for the Cartel was the fact that in 2008 the American people elected a President on a platform of ending the ‘tyranny of oil’ and of comprehensive nuclear disarmament. Had Americans chosen the candidate of the Cartel – who publicly advocated nuclear first strikes – we may already have been living in a post-nuclear war world today.

Thus, the Cartel must not only regain control of the US government but must try to fundamentally ‘reprogram’ the American people towards accepting aggression and war as primary tools of US politics. Towards this end, the Cartel has been mobilizing an army of stakeholders in the media and politics.

The blueprint for this strategy of radicalizing society in preparation for war was pre-WWII Germany. The unobstructed implementation of this strategy then led to the overthrow of democracy, the installation of a dictatorship on behalf of the Oil and Drug Cartel – and, eventually, to a military attempt to expand its global markets during WWII.

The Oil Cartel’s Strategic Goals in the US Are Modelled After 1933 Germany

  1. Transforming the democratic society into a fascist one under the cloak of ‘restoring honor’ and other pseudopatriotic slogans.
  2. Replacing the democratic government with a corporate dictatorship providing the Oil Cartel with direct access to executive power.
  3. Cementing the global rule of the Oil Cartel under global martial laws by launching a nuclear war.

Lessons of History: From 1933 to 2010

The records of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal and of US Congress unequivocally document that WWII was launched in the interest – and with the financial as well as technical support – of the German-based Oil and Drug Cartel (Bayer, BASF, Hoechst). Its goal was to seize control of the multi-trillion dollar global markets of oil, patented chemicals and drugs.

The psychological preparation of German society for this military conquest was the launch of a ‘racial war’ against Jewish and other non-Aryan people. Towards this end, the Nazi/ Cartel coalition financed a ‘grassroot’ movement – the ‘brownshirts’ several years prior to WWII.

The systematic instigation of hate, rage, aggression, racism and other forms of psychological terror by the ‘brown shirts’ in pre-war Germany was the precondition for the next stage: the mass murder across the globe by the SS and German Wehrmacht in the Cartel’s attempt to control the world.

After WWII, the German Oil and Drug Cartel was dismantled and its shares transferred to US and UK-based multinational oil and drug corporations. The Cartel’s criminal past was deliberately hidden from the public for one main reason: to allow it yet another attempt at world control.

Lessons of History: From the 16th to the 21st Century

Today’s process of transition in the field of energy has a historic parallel: the transition from Medieval to Modern Times that started in 16th Century Europe. This historic advance of mankind was triggered by the invention of the printing press. This innovation enabled the mass production of books and led to an explosion of knowledge, the foundation of schools and universities and to the elimination of illiteracy at large.

The feudal rulers and the Medieval church had held the ‘monopoly of knowledge’ for centuries. Despite their fierce resistance, this monopoly was broken. Not even a ‘30 Year War’ – launched by the ‘Status Quo’ then to retain its privileges – was able to halt the liberation of the human mind.

In analogy, today, mankind has broken the ‘monopoly on energy’ – until now closely held by the Oil Cartel. As it did then, the ‘Status Quo’ today is trying to protect its multi-trillion-dollar privileges – even at the price of dragging mankind into the abyss of the Cartel’s own demise.

Knowing that today an all-out war will not be fought with muskets and pitchforks but with nuclear weapons, mankind has only one option: Learning the lessons of history – so that they do not repeat itself.

‘Energy for All’ – A New Era Begins

The peaceful transition from the ‘Age of Oil’ to the ‘Age of Free Energy’ will propel mankind forward by a quantum leap – similar to the transition from the ‘Dark Ages’ to Modern Times.

Every family in the US will save thousands of dollars each year in energy costs. National economies around the world will recover billions of dollars. These vast amounts can be redirected to meet the biggest challenges of mankind, including hunger, poverty, malnutrition, diseases – and above all, closing the gap between rich and poor countries, forever!

Then And Now: The Cartel Stakeholders Are ‘Masters of Deception’

  • The slogan of ‘Honor’ and ‘Restoring Honor’ was a key term in the preparation for the Nazi/Cartel world conquest, WWII. One of the first laws imposed in the conquered countries was the law of ‘Blood (Race) and Honor’ establishing the Nazis as the dictatorial stakeholders of the Cartel.
  • NSDAP – the Nazi Party – stood for National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei or National Socialist German Worker’s Party. Amazingly, in a move of ultimate deception, the political stakeholders of the Oil and Drug Cartel destroyed democracy, established a dictatorship and prepared Germany for the conquest of WWII on behalf of the Cartel – all of that under the banner of ‘socialist’ and ‘worker’s party’.
  • The Oil Cartel and their Nazi accomplices dressed millions of German soldiers in a uniform that carried the allegedly devine blessing for the Nazi/Cartel Crusade. Harnessed with a belt buckle showing the Swastika and the slogan ’God With Us’ (Gott mit uns) the Nazi/Cartel Wehrmacht inflicted death on millions of people. In the course of history, no name has been more systematically abused to mask the greed of special interests than the name of ‘God’.

The Consequences Of This Publication

  1. It diffuses the plans of the Cartel to launch a nuclear war.
  2. It derails the plans of the Cartel to establish a fascist dictatorship in the USA.
  3. It exposes the ‘Tea Party’ and other organizers of ‘cultural wars’ as agents of the Oil Cartel.
  4. It alerts the people of America and the world that these groups are replicating the strategies of the Nazi storm troopers, the ‘brownshirts’.
  5. It reveals as the strategic aim of these groups the destabilization of the democratically elected government by instigating civil unrest – under the pretext of ‘defending’ human rights, ‘protecting’ democracy and carrying out the ‘will of God’.
  6. It blocks the attacks of these groups against the US government from now on – turning them against the Cartel itself by heralding one simple message: ‘They’ve done it before!’
  7. It gives the American people a clear choice for the coming elections: vote for war – or for peace and prosperity.
  8. It gives the Republican party a choice to stay committed to democracy – or go into oblivion as political puppets of the Cartel’s plan of fascist rule.
  9. It will inspire schools, universities and other educational institutions around the world to expand their WWII history lessons by pointing at the Oil and Drug Cartel as the driving economic force behind this war.
  10. It allows journalists, students and the public at large to study the historic records by which the Cartel ‘inthronized’ the Nazis to prepare for WWII – and the striking parallels to the radicalization of political culture in the US today.
  11. It allows the people and governments of the world to focus their resources on development and the construction of a more just world based on renewable and affordable forms of energy – rather than facing the doom of a nuclear holocaust.
  12. The global dissemination of this message is a precondition for lasting world peace!

With These Facts Stated – Mankind Can Build Its Future!