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The bodyxq Interactive Health Education Project

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A groundbreaking project that will change the world!

With the launch of our website and free app for Apple iOS and Android, we are putting at your fingertips the world’s first truly interactive health education program that enables you to travel inside the organs of the body and explore their functions.

With the help of this innovative website and App, people of all ages can easily see and understand the functions of the human heart – and zoom in on them right down to the level of the billions of cells from which all of the body’s organs are built. You can also modify important factors, such as micronutrient deficiency, and watch how they contribute to the development of cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart failure and irregular heartbeat. Through using the interactive features on bodyxq, you will easily see how diseases originate at the cellular level and learn about important factors that keep the cells healthy and functioning optimally.

A Dream Come True

Did you ever dream of making a virtual journey through your heart – the body’s “motor” – and exploring it using the tips of your fingers?

Or watching the heart operate from inside its own chambers?

Or looking at the billions of cells that make up the heart and the arteries and exploring how their health, in turn, determines the health of the entire cardiovascular system?

With bodyxq you can do all of these things – and more.


  • Taking a ride through a coronary artery and really understanding, for the first time, why people get heart attacks but not “nose attacks” or “ear attacks”.
  • Interactively opening a pumping heart with your fingers, just like a surgeon, and your computer being the scalpel that opens it for you – all in the comfort of your own home.
  • Exploring the billions of cells that make up the heart and the arteries, like a scientist, and your computer being the microscope that allows you to see every miniature detail.
  • Interactively studying the effects of micronutrients – such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements – on the performance of cells and learning how cellular function determines our health and the development of disease.
  • Improving your own health with this knowledge – and helping your family and friends to do the same.

bodyxq makes all of these things possible – and more.

The primary goal of BodyXQ

The primary goal of bodyxq is to terminate health illiteracy by:

  • Demystifying medicine – ‘Making health understandable for everyone.’Mankind can no longer accept the fact that the actual causes of today’s most common diseases remain largely unknown to conventional medicine. Nor can we tolerate that millions of patients are being kept in the dark about their diseases with Greek or Latin diagnostic terms – such as ‘primary’, ‘essential’ or ‘idiopathic’ – which merely hide the fact that the causes are unknown. By explaining the functions of the human body right down to the level of cells, bodyxq makes health ‘understandable’ for everyone.
  • Democratizing health – ‘Making health doable for everyone.’Education about the root cause of disease will allow millions of people to take action to help prevent diseases and improve their health. They will no longer have to obediently surrender their health to the ‘pharmaceutical business with disease’ and can now actively participate in essential decision-taking affecting their own health. By putting vital health information directly into the hands of the people, bodyxq is making basic health doable for everyone.

In short: bodyxq provides practical health information that allows EVERYBODY to take action towards improving their own health and the health of their families and friends.

Body XQ
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