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December 17, 2015
Open Letter from the Dr. Rath Health Foundation to Members of the Podemos Political Party in Spain
January 8, 2016

Progress towards the natural control of diseases: An end-of-year message from Dr. Rath

The central core of the work of our Foundation involves fighting to improve human health, with the ultimate goal of saving millions of lives. In this respect, any improvement in human health has to start with science. This year, in the field of cardiovascular research, I am pleased to report that we have moved forward scientifically in a very significant way. Building on work I began over a quarter of a century ago, we have reached a point in history where the stage is now set for the dream of abolishing heart disease as a cause of human mortality to become a reality.

Twenty-five years ago, along with the two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling, I was privileged to take the first scientific steps towards the natural control of cardiovascular disease. On May 21, 1990, Linus and I published a scientific conceptual paper, entitled ‘Hypothesis: Lipoprotein(a) is a surrogate for ascorbate’, in the prestigious journal ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America’. Of course, we knew that our hypothesis was correct. But could we also prove it?

What we proposed in our paper was that there are two alternatives for stabilising the artery walls. In most of the animal world, which generally produces enough endogenous vitamin C, sufficient amounts of collagen are manufactured to stabilize the artery walls.

Humans and sub-human primates, however, that are unable to produce vitamin C in their bodies, frequently have a weakness in their artery walls that requires repairing. In the absence of enough vitamin C being present, humans and sub-human primates instead use Lipoprotein(a), a surrogate for vitamin C, to stabilize their artery walls. However, if the vitamin C deficiency continues this eventually leads to the build-up of plaques in the arteries.

In April of this year, my colleagues and I at our scientific research institute in California finally obtained scientific proof that the hypothesis Linus and I had published was indeed correct. To achieve this we created an artificial mouse model that cannot produce its own vitamin C and that, like humans and sub-human primates, produces Lipoprotein(a) when dietary supplies of vitamin C are insufficient. In experiments with this mouse model we found that long-term dietary vitamin C deficiency caused plaques to occur in its arteries. But a high dietary intake of vitamin C prevented the development of these plaques. A particularly remarkable fact is that there was no high-fat diet involved in this experiment. No feeding of cholesterol was involved either; nor was there any other modification of the animals’ diets. Our study was published in the American Journal of Cardiovascular Disease, a free online journal that is available for everyone, anywhere in the world, to read.

So we now have proof that human atherosclerosis is an early form of the sailors’ disease, scurvy – thus confirming what I had published together with Linus in our paper 25 years ago. We therefore know for sure that the beginning of the process of atherosclerosis, which kills millions of people every year, is not due to having too much cholesterol circulating in the bloodstream. Instead it is caused by an underlying deficiency of vitamin C inside the artery walls, which triggers the production of repair factors such as Lipoprotein(a), and, ultimately, when this process overshoots, the build-up of plaques.

As a result, we can now summarize the old scientific thinking behind the development of cardiovascular disease, and the modern concept, in a single sentence. The old concept claims the development of arteriosclerotic plaques is essentially irreversible, while the modern concept explains how their formation is reversible through an optimum intake of micronutrients. Of course, this modern understanding has also been confirmed in a clinical study with CT scans documenting the halt and, in some cases, the reversal of coronary arteriosclerosis in heart disease patients taking micronutrients.

Another significant event in our work this year was the appearance by Dr. Niedzwiecki and I in Ty Bollinger’s online video documentary, ‘The Truth About Cancer’. In this video we shared with a global audience the analysis that there is an industry, the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’, that risks the lives of millions of people and that in many cases is outright responsible for their deaths. I also explained how, when we present this information, we are sometimes being attacked for it. On occasion we are even accused of pedalling a so-called conspiracy theory. Ty was very interested in our friendship with survivors of Auschwitz, especially so when I explained how the concentration camp at Auschwitz was expanded to become an extermination camp, by order of Bayer, BASF and Hoechst – members of the chemical-pharmaceutical IG Farben Cartel.


Today, this very same industry is fighting natural health approaches in order to protect its trillion-dollar global market with patented synthetic drugs. To anyone who cannot conceive that there is an industry operating among us that risks the lives of millions for profit we say: “Look, they’ve done it before.”

For Ty, who produced 9 hours of recording in his cancer documentary, this information was so important that he decided to place it in the first couple of minutes of the film. He immediately realized, as millions of people across the world are now beginning to understand, that one cannot fully appreciate why cancer still exists today unless one also understands that there is an interest in making money from it.

I believe that it is our global responsibility to promote vitamin-rich nutrition throughout the world, in order that everyone can take advantage of the new scientific understanding that micronutrient deficiencies are the root cause of chronic health problems such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. This is why, through our Movement of Life project, we are promoting the launch of garden projects for communities and schools. Our belief in the importance of this work is central to the philosophy of our Foundation.

The refugee crisis that is now engulfing Europe further illustrates the importance of the Movement of Life project. People from other areas of the world, haunted by poverty, hunger and wars, are banging on the doors of the wealthy nations of Europe and asking for help. We therefore have to ask ourselves who is responsible for this situation.

The decisive answer to this question lies with the Brussels EU. This political construct functions as the global politburo of the Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel. Through political, economic and even military pressure, the dictatorial model of the Brussels EU is being spread around the world and forced upon other countries and regions. The creation of so called ‘Free Trade’ agreements plays a key role in this expansion. Negotiated in clandestine, these trade deals are not intended to help ordinary people. Instead, their purpose is to benefit multinational corporations. This explains why they are negotiated in secret.

The strategy of the Brussels EU, to impose corporate laws across all the planet, is increasingly leading to the impoverishment of the people. The money that fills the bank accounts of the Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Drug Cartel is taken out of the system and is thus no longer available for education, housing, or for giving a dignified life to ordinary people. In this respect, the hypocrisy of our politicians in the face of the refugee crisis is very telling. They are ultimately responsible for this situation, yet they try to pretend that the responsibility lies elsewhere.

The goals of our global campaign for vitamin-rich nutrition for the people of the world involve fighting hunger, fighting disease, providing dignified living for billions of people, and fighting the refugee crisis at its roots. As we reported recently, others – such as the German Protestant Church – are now following our lead by promoting worldwide projects that provide undernourished people with vitamin-rich nutrition. It was our work that brought this about.

Today, at the end of 2015, the global drug markets for cardiovascular disease, cancer – and also HIV/AIDS – are no longer sustainable. Our scientific work has proven that all three of these diseases can be controlled through natural means. The only question remaining is not whether these and other diseases can essentially be eliminated, but when. With your continued help and support, this can happen within most of our lifetimes.

On behalf of our Foundation and all of my colleagues, I wish you the best of health for 2016 and many more victories together in our global struggle for Health for All.

Best wishes

Dr. Matthias Rath