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October 30, 2017
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October 31, 2017

Cancer drug prices rising far faster than inflation


The prices of injectable cancer drugs – even older medicines around since the 1990s – are increasing at a rate far higher than inflation, researchers report in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.


The rise in the cost of orthodox cancer treatment over the past decade and a half has been mirrored by a simultaneous increase in global awareness that this disease can now be controlled naturally, safely and affordably, without drugs. Triggered by Dr. Rath’s announcement in 2002 in the USA Today newspaper, in which he described how a natural scientifically-proven approach to treating cancer is now available, a tsunami of interest was unleashed that has continued growing to this day.

As a result, many cancer patients have now learned that a cancer-free world is possible. Choosing to turn their backs on the pharmaceutical approach to treatment, they are taking their own decisions about what is best for themselves and their health. Having found the courage to say “No” to the systematic poisoning of their bodies with chemotherapy and other toxic oncology drugs, their recoveries provide living proof that a diagnosis of cancer need no longer be a death sentence. Ultimately, therefore, the more people who become active in sharing the truth about cancer, the sooner this disease – and the immoral greed of the pharmaceutical investment business that thrives on it – will finally be brought to an end.

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