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October 4, 2017
How The Trillion Dollar A Year Pharmaceutical Industry Rigs The Results Of Its Studies
October 5, 2017

Not enough new antibiotics are being developed to combat lethal drug resistance, warns WHO


Antimicrobial resistance a ‘global health emergency‘ that ‘will seriously jeopardise progress in modern medicine‘, says head of international organization.


Increasingly these days, media headlines like this one are claiming that antibiotic resistant “superbugs” have become one of the world’s most pressing health concerns. Declaring that we stand on the threshold of the post-antibiotic era, they attempt to frighten us into believing that, by the middle of this century, superbugs could be killing millions of people every year. Notably, however, whenever the question is raised as to what alternative approaches might be available for controlling infections, no mention whatsoever is made of the key roles played by essential micronutrients in the proper functioning of the immune system.

Regrettably, even many doctors do not yet fully appreciate the extent to which micronutrients support all the critical steps for mounting an effective immune response to infections. These steps include non-specific defense components such as the synthesis of interferon and function of phagocytic cells; the protective anti-microbial barriers created by the skin, mucus membranes, tears, saliva and gastric juice; and the production of antibodies and optimization of cell-mediated immunity.

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