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October 24, 2017
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October 25, 2017

School students in China to take courses in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Zhejiang is to become the first province in China to add courses in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to its school curriculum.


TCM emphasizes the importance of diet, exercise and other natural approaches for maintaining health and preventing disease. We congratulate Zhejiang province for its wisdom in choosing to educate school students about these things, as well as also the Chinese State Council, the country’s cabinet, which in 2016 released a Strategic Development Plan for promoting TCM. In taking the decision to promote the use of non-drug therapies, Chinese officials have clearly recognized the dangers and ineffectiveness of pharmaceutical approaches to medicine.

As Dr. Rath described in his Barletta Declaration in 2014, education of the people is a vital building block for creating a preventive healthcare system. Ultimately, chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer will only be eradicated if citizens are taught to take proper responsibility for their health and empowered to make better decisions towards preventing health problems by addressing them at their root causes.

Our Foundation stands ready to assist countries in implementing healthcare systems and educational programs based on nutritional and Cellular Medicine approaches. Any government officials at local, regional, or national levels who are interested in this and would like further information are invited to contact us.

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