Parts of UK identified as high risk areas for Lyme disease
October 12, 2017
Clinical trial shows magnesium supplements may be an alternative to antidepressant drugs
October 12, 2017

Vitamins: Harm or Benefit?

Quality and research matter! What you should know as a user of nutritional supplements.

This brochure documents the results of comparative studies on micronutrient combinations that are widely used in Europe. These are compared with micronutrient combinations that have been developed and tested on the basis of scientific research. The results speak for themselves.

This brochure does not intend to denounce, but to inform. Users of nutritional supplements are invited to demand clear studies from manufacturers about the safety and efficacy of their products. At the end of this decade, there must be no vitamin company left that does not conduct its own research. Only then will we have moved a decisive step closer to a new, preventative healthcare system.



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