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October 31, 2017
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November 1, 2017

Anxiety and depression linked to migraines


In a study of 588 patients who attended an outpatient headache clinic, more frequent migraines were experienced by participants with symptoms of anxiety and depression.


Interestingly, depression and migraines have both also been linked to B vitamins. In the case of depression, a recent scientific review noted that low levels of B vitamins are common in patients with depression and that supplementation with these nutrients has been shown to improve depression outcomes. Consistent with the key principle of Cellular Medicine that the primary cause of today’s most common chronic diseases is a long-term deficiency of vitamins and other specific nutrients, the publication of this review helps point the way towards safe, natural approaches to controlling this common mental health problem.

In the case of migraine, over 70 years of studies clearly show that vitamin B2 is helpful in controlling it. Unrealized by millions of patients all over the world, clinical evidence of the effectiveness of this B vitamin against migraine has been available since at least 1946. To place this date into historical context, it came only 13 years after organic chemist Paul Karrer had determined the structure of vitamin B2 and only 9 years after he had been awarded the 1937 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his investigations into it.

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