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March 9, 2018
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March 11, 2018

Fish oil and probiotic supplements in pregnancy may reduce risk of childhood allergies


Scientists from Imperial College in London found that pregnant women taking daily fish oil capsules and probiotic supplements reduce the risk of their child developing allergies.


It is vitally important for mothers-to-be to ensure a constant supply of micronutrients for their developing child. While the early days and weeks of pregnancy – when a woman may not even be aware she is pregnant – are critical for fetal development, inadequate nourishment in any phase of pregnancy can affect the baby’s organ systems, birth weight, and even survival.

In addition to the caloric demands, pregnancy also increases the demand for specific micronutrients which may not be met through diet alone. In this respect, vitamin C, lysine, proline, and the B group of vitamins, among others, are particularly important for a healthy baby and for preventing complications during pregnancy and delivery.

To learn more about the importance of micronutrients during pregnancy, read parts one and two of the special feature article on the Dr. Rath Research Institute website.

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