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March 5, 2018
Researchers find low magnesium levels make vitamin D ineffective
March 7, 2018

Poor vitamin D status linked to increased risk of anemia


Researchers in Iran found that children with low vitamin D status had up to three times increased risk of anemia compared to children with sufficient vitamin D.


Despite what you might read in the mass media, the fact is that the majority of children are not getting sufficient micronutrients from the food they eat. Too few fresh fruits and vegetables, along with the consumption of highly processed food, results in chronic deficiencies of essential micronutrients that impair the growth and health of children, thus making them prone to developing diseases.

In a scientific demonstration of the health benefits of micronutrient supplementation in children, the Dr. Rath Research Institute, in association with the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, conducted a clinical evaluation of 69 children. Carried out over a period of seven months, the study was published in 2015. Its results show that children taking the supplements experienced fitness benefits, with a decreased heart rate and lower blood pressure. The supplemented children also saw improvements in cardiovascular function, muscle power, and immunity. Their test scores in class were similarly improved, while their general health, physical activity and emotional wellbeing also benefitted significantly.

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