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March 11, 2018
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March 12, 2018

Taking the right amount of vitamin D reduces mortality


A new study from the University of Bergen in Norway concludes that taking the right amount of vitamin D substantially reduces the risk of death.


Over the past few years, vitamin D has been receiving a great deal of scientific attention. Recent research, for example, has shown it can lower blood pressure and improve exercise performance; help postmenopausal women increase muscle strength and reduce the risk of falls; slow down or reverse the development of prostate cancer; protect against severe asthma attacks; and increase bone density in premature babies.

As important as such research is, however, for the very best results in preventing and controlling diseases, neither vitamin D nor any other single micronutrient alone is enough. Instead, based on Dr. Rath’s groundbreaking Cellular Medicine concept, we now know that the most effective form of natural healthcare utilizes carefully chosen nutrient combinations in amounts that are balanced according to the scientific principle of micronutrient synergy.

To learn more about Dr. Rath’s scientific approach to healthcare, visit the Cellular Medicine section of our website.

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