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April 24, 2018
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EU Parliament hosts presentation on Big Food and Big Pharma ‘Killing for Profit’


The European Parliament in Brussels recently hosted a presentation titled “Big Food and Big Pharma: Killing for Profit”.


In a recent article published on our website, we describe how healthcare reform and natural preventive health approaches are rapidly becoming an unstoppable force. With this development clearly representing a major threat to the trillion-dollar-a-year pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’, the European Parliament’s hosting of this provocatively titled presentation represents a significant moment. Were it not for the work our Foundation has been conducting over the past decade and a half or so, there can be little doubt that the presentation would probably never have taken place.

While, contrary to the scientific evidence, the presentation predictably criticized the use of vitamin supplements – describing them as “complete nonsense” and claiming, absurdly, that “very few people” need them –  the speakers’ enthusiastic promotion of food-based and dietary approaches for preventing and controlling disease reflects the fact that the desperate attempts of European regulators to protect the pharma industry’s interests are beginning to fail.

In this respect, it is notable that specific mention was made during the presentation that cholesterol is a vital molecule for ensuring health in the body and that statin drugs were openly criticized. As we have reported previously, even the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Britain has now confirmed that the cholesterol theory of heart disease is “dead”.

Towards our Foundation’s goal of a preventive system of healthcare based on nutritional and Cellular Medicine approaches, it is clearly therefore no longer a matter of whether the necessary global changes will come, but when. Quite simply, whether you are a politician, a doctor, a scientist, a medical student, a patient, young or old, how soon healthcare reform happens is now in the hands of us all.

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