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May 14, 2018
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May 16, 2018

More than 13 percent of food sold in Denmark now organic


Sales of organic food in Denmark grew by 31 percent in 2017 and now account for more than 13 percent of all food sold in the country.


Global statistics show that organic farms can now be found in at least 179 countries worldwide. In all, a total of over 50 million hectares of agricultural land are being farmed organically. Significantly, the percentage of organically farmed land is rising on every continent, with 11 countries now having 10% or more of their agricultural land under organic management. The majority of these countries are located in Europe.

Between 1999 and 2015, looking at the world as a whole, the total proportion of agricultural land that is organically farmed rose from 0.2% to 1.1%, representing an increase of 450%. With consumer demand for organic food continuing to grow impressively worldwide, there seems little doubt that these numbers will increase still further in the coming years.

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