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May 17, 2018
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May 18, 2018

Road Map to Health

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The book ‘Road Map to Health’ was first published by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation in 2007. Describing how the termination of the pharmaceutical investment business with disease is a precondition for our health, it summarizes the steps that need to be taken in order to achieve this goal and create a new healthcare system based on scientifically proven natural approaches. In its supporting background information, the book also documents key Open Letters published by Dr. Rath in the New York Times between 2003 and 2006, and reveals information about the role of the pharmaceutical industry in WWII that had previously been hidden away for more than six decades.

As Dr. Rath describes in his foreword to the book, the only reason why chronic diseases continue in epidemic proportions is because they function as multibillion dollar marketplaces for the pharmaceutical investment business and its patented drugs. For a century now, multinational pharmaceutical companies have done everything possible to marginalize and eliminate any competition from the area of science -based natural health. This deception has even gone so far as to essentially erase awareness among the people of the world that no less than nine Nobel Prizes have been awarded in recognition of scientific discoveries relating to the outstanding importance of vitamins for human health and life.

We encourage you to share the information contained in this book with your family, friends and colleagues. The time to act is now!

Chapter 1: Introduction to this Book
Read/Download Chapter 1
Chapter 2: History of the Pharmaceutical Industry
Read/Download Chapter 2
Chapter 3: Milestones to a New Health Care System
Read/Download Chapter 3
Chapter 4: Dr. Rath’s 2006 Open Letters in the New York Times
Read/Download Chapter 4
Chapter 5: Dr. Rath’s 2005 Open Letters in the New York Times
Read/Download Chapter 5
Chapter 6: Dr. Rath’s 2004 Open Letters in the New York Times
Read/Download Chapter 6
Chapter 7: Dr. Rath’s 2003 Open Letters in the New York Times
Read/Download Chapter 7
Chapter 8: Hard Facts About the Pharmaceutical Business With Disease
Read/Download Chapter 8
Chapter 9: Demise of the Pharmaceutical Industry
Read/Download Chapter 9
Chapter 10: Scientific Discoveries in the Natural Control of Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer and Immune Deficiencies
Read/Download Chapter 10
Chapter 11: Stop the Pharmaceutical Genocide in Africa
Read/Download Chapter 11
Chapter 12: Liberation of Human Health in the 21st Century
Read/Download Chapter 12
Chapter 13: The Chemnitz Lecture – The Speech that Started It All – Complaint Against the Pharmaceutical Industry at the International Criminal Court in The Hague
Read/Download Chapter 13
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