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Elderly patients discharged from hospital with potentially lethal cocktails of drugs


Elderly patients are being discharged from hospital with large cocktails of drugs that can cause severe side effects or even death when combined.


It is sometimes claimed to be paradoxical that, as they age, people supposedly need multiple drugs to keep them alive, and yet the more drugs they take the more health problems they develop. Over the years, the mass media and other pro-pharma stakeholders have offered all manner of absurd explanations to account for this.

However, the real explanation is a very simple one. Pharmaceutical drugs don’t treat the root cause of diseases, they only treat the symptoms. Not only does this therefore result in patients’ health problems simply being masked rather than properly treated, the problem is compounded by the fact that all drugs inevitably cause side-effects.

To make matters worse, the emergence of side-effects results in patients being prescribed still further drugs as a means of controlling them. And so it goes on. The inescapable consequence is a vicious circle where the more drugs that are taken, the worse a patient’s health becomes. In developed countries, most of us probably know one or more elderly people whose health has deteriorated as a direct result of becoming trapped in this situation.

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