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Monsanto Is No More: Its Name Will Disappear, But Not Its Products!


Bayer – a former member of the infamous IG Farben Cartel – has completed its $63 billion purchase of Monsanto, a company best known for manufacturing genetically modified crops and the weed killer Roundup. In a simultaneous move, as the purchase was completed Bayer announced that the controversial Monsanto company name would be scrapped.


Not surprisingly, the Bayer-Monsanto tie-up has been strongly criticized by health campaigners, farming groups, environmentalists, and the general public alike – all of whom worry it will create a GMO and pesticides monster that will dominate the global food supply. Coming at a time when there is growing worldwide interest in vitamin-rich food produced naturally, locally, and in harmony with the environment, the $63 billion deal has been widely criticized as “a marriage made in hell.”

Additionally, however, in a move seen by some as being just as controversial as the purchase of Monsanto itself, Bayer has nominated chemical company BASF, one of its former IG Farben partners, as the buyer for various business assets it will be selling to supposedly ensure the Monsanto tie-up doesn’t reduce competition.

To read about the dark history of Bayer and BASF, and access records from the postwar Nuremberg Trial in which executives of these two companies were tried for war crimes and found guilty of plunder, exploitation, slavery and mass murder, visit the Profit Over Life website.

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