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June 21, 2018
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Study Finds 29 Types Of Pharma Drugs In British Rivers


A new study has found 29 different types of pharmaceutical drugs in two British rivers. The drugs discovered include antidepressants, antibiotics, and epilepsy medications. A member of the research team who conducted the study said the amounts recorded were likely to be “quite typical” of rivers in most UK cities.


Pollution of the environment and drinking water supply with measurable levels of pharmaceutical drugs is now a worldwide problem. Only a couple of weeks ago, a new study from the United States found that water treatment plants taking discharges from pharmaceutical companies are putting high concentrations of drugs into the American water supply.

The world’s highest drug levels in water are believed to occur in India, where 21 different active pharmaceutical ingredients – at 150 times the highest levels detected in the U.S. – have been found.

This demonstrates that not only is the trillion-dollar-a-year pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’ economically unsustainable, it is not environmentally sustainable either. This thus illustrates yet another reason why drug-based disease-care medicine must urgently be replaced with a truly preventive system of healthcare that utilizes safe, non-toxic, science-based natural health approaches.

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