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Irish Food Safety Authority Publishes Report On Restricting Levels Of Nutrients In Supplements

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The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has published a report recommending restricting maximum permitted levels for 21 of the 30 vitamins and minerals available in food supplements in Ireland.


The ultimate goal of government ‘food safety’ authority reports such as this one is to protect the interests of the drug industry by presenting higher-dose micronutrient supplements as unsafe, thus fueling calls for consumers and patients to no longer have access to them.

The authors of such reports invariably try to disguise this goal by claiming that the proposed maximum levels for each nutrient are calculated scientifically via a process called ‘nutrient risk assessment’. In reality, however, most currently used methodologies for assessing the supposed “risk” of consuming micronutrients are anything but scientific and are actually deeply flawed.

Unless these flaws are corrected, the eventual outcome for many micronutrients could be the global enforcement of maximum levels in supplements that are little different to the meagre ‘Recommended Dietary Allowances’ (RDAs). Should this happen, the only beneficiary would be the pharmaceutical drug industry and its trillion-dollar-a-year “business with disease”.

To learn the scientific facts about ‘nutrient risk assessment’ and what you are not being told about it, read this article on our website.

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