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August 24, 2018
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August 27, 2018

Antidepressants Are Risky And Ineffective – So Why Are We Giving Them To Children?


History may judge us for giving drugs to depressed young people when there are much safer treatments available.


Illustrating the scale of this problem, over 70 thousand children in Britain are now believed to be on antidepressants. A highly addictive class of pharmaceuticals, antidepressant drugs carry a wide range of serious side effects and are associated with a significantly elevated risk of death. In the long run it is not even as if they are effective in treating depression, as depressed patients have been shown to have more sharply elevated symptoms following long-term treatment with drug medication than treatment without it.

Fortunately, therefore, recent studies have shown that natural alternatives are both safer and more effective than antidepressant drugs. Demonstrating this, in articles on our website you can learn how supplements of magnesiumB vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to be helpful in treating symptoms of even major depressive disorder. We encourage you to read these articles and to share them with people you think could benefit from them.

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