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August 24, 2018
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CT Scans May Increase Risk Of Brain Cancer In Children


A new study suggests children under 18 years old who undergo CT scans may be at increased risk for developing brain tumors from the high-dose radiation exposure.


Body imaging through X-rays and CT scans is extremely valuable and can be a lifesaver in many emergency cases. However, because they are non-invasive, fast and painless tools for diagnosis, these technologies are being overused.

Additionally, even if we avoid X-rays and CT scans, we are all subject to excessive and unmeasured radiation exposure through sources such as substances in the earth’s crust and space, microwave ovens, electric power lines, radio signals, cell phones, airport scanners, and even transcontinental flights. A recent study highlighted how even a minimal dose of radiation received from these sources has a cumulative effect and is proven to lead to damage to cellular DNA, which could lead to the development of cancers decades after such exposure.

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