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Daily Prescription Drugs Drain Your Body Of Vital Vitamins


Prescription medication can deprive you of vital vitamins and minerals, leading to symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss, depression, loss of sex drive, and muscle pains.


A large body of scientific evidence now exists to show that at least 150 types of generic drugs can rob the body of nutrients. In some cases, such as research showing that aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) depletes vitamin C, this knowledge has already existed for over 80 years now.

Still unknown to most doctors, a report published in 1936 by Amy L. Daniels and Gladys J. Everson, from the Department of Nutrition at the State University of Iowa in the United States, described how administration of aspirin to children was followed by an increased elimination of vitamin C through the urine. An An investigation published in 1938 by J. D. Keith and Evelyn M. Hickmans from Birmingham Children’s Hospital in the UK reached a similar conclusion.

In addition to painkillers, other categories of pharmaceutical drugs that have been shown to deplete nutrient levels in the body include antacids; antibiotics; anti-inflammatories; antiretrovirals; beta-blockers; cholesterol-lowering drugs; contraceptives; corticosteroids; diabetic drugs; diuretics; gout medications; laxatives; psychotherapeutics; and ulcer drugs.

To learn how drug-induced nutrient depletion is one of the Pharma Cartel’s biggest secrets, read our special feature article on this subject.

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