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August 17, 2018
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August 17, 2018

Solving The Food Crisis In Africa


A 23-year old engineering student is spreading the word about a device he’s created which he says could be a solution to Africa’s food waste crisis. According to the United Nations, food wasted every year in the continent could feed up to 300 million people.


With hundreds of millions of impoverished people in Africa surviving on less than $1.90 a day, and many of them eating just a single meal each day, the problem in Africa is not simply about wasting food but rather about obtaining it in the first place.

Recognizing this, since 2015 our Foundation has been supporting the Movement of Life’s ‘School Health Parliament’ project in Uganda. The project involves teaching children to grow fruit trees, vegetables, and medicinal plants; learning about natural food-based approaches to maintaining health and preventing disease; and spreading health information around schools and in local communities. There are now over 10 schools in Uganda involved in the project, and it is also up and running in Nigeria.

To learn more about this innovative project, we recommend watching this short video on our YouTube channel. You can also download a free 38-page manual about it from the Movement of Life Website.

If you feel inspired to collaborate with the Movement of Life and help launch a ‘School Health Parliament’ project where you live, please contact us and we’ll look forward to discussing the possibilities with you!

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