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November 25, 2018
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November 27, 2018

Vitamin D3 Has Protective Potential Against Upper Respiratory Tract Infection In Athletes


Supplementation with vitamin D3 could alleviate symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection in athletes, especially during winter training, according to researchers in South Korea and the United States.


There is no doubt that vitamin D plays important roles in helping maximize athletic performance. With scientific research having proven that an optimum supply of it is crucial for good health, and with deficiency well-known to be widespread, supplementation with this essential micronutrient is now commonplace among athletes.

In a recent illustration of its benefits to athletes, a study published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology found that higher levels of vitamin D are associated with a better capacity for exercise. Carried out by researchers in the United States, the study sought to examine the link between vitamin D and cardiorespiratory fitness. Based on a total of almost 2 thousand participants, the results demonstrate what the researchers describe as “an independent and robust association” between serum levels and the ability of the heart and lungs to supply oxygen to the muscles during exercise.

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