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January 17, 2019
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January 21, 2019

Drug Company Payments To Doctors May Influence Opioid Overdose Deaths, Study Finds


A new study provides evidence that payments received by doctors from drug companies may influence the number of deaths from opioid overdoses in their communities.


The opioid addiction epidemic has not only cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans, it has also cost federal, state, and local governments hundreds of billions of dollars for healthcare, law enforcement, and reduced productivity.

With over 2 million people in the United States now believed to be suffering from substance use disorders related to prescription opioid pain relievers, it is estimated the crisis could claim up to 1 million lives by 2020. In 2016 alone, statistics show over 63,000 U.S. citizens lost their lives as a result of overdosing on opioid drugs. As this latest study illustrates, the root cause of these devastating statistics is the trillion-dollar-a-year pharmaceutical industry.

Rather than addressing the micronutrient deficiencies that are the primary cause of chronic diseases, pharma companies concentrate instead upon the treatment of symptoms. Their use in acute medical situations aside, painkillers are the classic example of drugs being used to address the symptoms of diseases while neglecting their primary causes.

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