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Bayer And Janssen Agree To $775 Million Settlement Over Blood Thinning Drug Lawsuits


Bayer and Janssen, the pharmaceutical companies behind the blood thinner Xarelto, have reached a $775 million settlement in 25 thousand lawsuits alleging patients were not adequately warned about the risk of life-threatening complications resulting from the drug.


As this news story demonstrates, the lawsuits Bayer is facing over allegations that its Roundup weed killer causes cancer are far from being its only legal problem.

The 25 thousand lawsuits relating to the Xarelto blood thinning drug relate to claims that the medication had led to internal bleeding, strokes, and deaths. Even while reaching the $775 million settlement for these claims, however, neither Bayer nor Janssen has admitted liability.

Such behavior is of course typical of the pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’. Driven by the profits of their shareholders, improving human health is not the driving force of drug companies. While the marketplace for the pharma industry is the human body, this only remains possible so long as the body continues to host diseases. Ensuring the continued existence of diseases and increasing the numbers of people affected by them is therefore a precondition for the pharma industry’s ongoing financial viability and growth.

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