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Daily Glass Of Orange Juice ‘Can Cut Risk Of Strokes By Almost A Quarter’


A daily glass of orange juice could cut the risk of life-threatening strokes by almost a quarter, a major study shows.


Global statistics show that in 2013 there were 6.5 million deaths from stroke. This means that strokes kill more people each year than AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria added together. Such is the size of this epidemic that about every 2 seconds, someone in the world will suffer a stroke.

Until recently, however, the root cause of this major public health concern was not properly understood. But based on Dr. Rath’s groundbreaking Cellular Medicine discoveries, we now know that the primary cause of strokes is a deficiency of vitamin C, a micronutrient contained in orange juice. This means that, through ensuring an optimum daily intake of vitamin C and other essential micronutrients, strokes can now be largely prevented.

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