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August 19, 2019
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August 21, 2019

New Meta-Analysis Links Vitamin D Supplements To Lower Risk Of Death From Cancer


Vitamin D supplementation is associated with a 16 percent lower risk of death from cancer, according to a new systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials.


As an essential micronutrient, there is no doubt that vitamin D plays an important role in protecting health and preventing disease. In recent years, a succession of studies has shown it helps lower the risk of cancer. But for the most effective protection against cancer, carefully chosen balanced combinations of micronutrients are necessary.

Thanks to Dr. Rath’s scientific breakthroughs and studies carried out at the Dr. Rath Research Institute, a diagnosis of cancer does not have to be a death sentence. Through the use of natural approaches based on the use of specific micronutrients, it is possible to block all key mechanisms that make cancer a life-threatening disease. As a result of this discovery, many people are alive today who would otherwise have lost their lives.

You can learn more about Dr. Rath’s lifesaving natural approach to cancer in the groundbreaking book he authored with Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, ‘Victory Over Cancer’.

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