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September 9, 2019
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Study Describes Omega-3 As The ‘Gold Standard’ In Mental Health Nutrients

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The world’s largest review of research into nutrient supplementation in people with mental disorders has found omega-3 fatty acids are the most effective supplement for improving mental health.


Research clearly shows that micronutrient-based approaches are helpful in preventing and controlling mental health disorders. In depression, for example, in addition to omega-3, recent studies have shown the benefits of magnesium and B vitamins in controlling the condition. Other research has shown that a vitamin-rich Mediterranean-style diet is helpful in preventing it.

In another example, a scientific review of worldwide studies has shown that add-on therapy with high-dose B vitamins can significantly reduce symptoms of schizophrenia more than standard antipsychotic drug treatments used alone. Published in Psychological Medicine, one of the world’s leading psychology journals, B-vitamin interventions utilizing higher dosages or combining several vitamins were consistently found to be effective in reducing psychiatric symptoms. Lower doses, in contrast, were ineffective.

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