Understanding The Difference Between Clinical And Sub-Clinical Micronutrient Deficiencies
October 24, 2019
Chronic Kidney Disease Patients At Increased Risk Of Adverse Cardiovascular Outcomes
October 28, 2019

Is The Stethoscope Dying? High-Tech Rivals Pose A Threat


Two centuries after its invention, the stethoscope—the very symbol of the medical profession—is facing an uncertain prognosis.


With modern digital technology playing an increasingly important role in the diagnosis of disease and monitoring of health, the healthcare systems of the future are undoubtedly going to look very different to those of the past.

The enormous changes taking place in the field of healthcare are not limited to the use of digital technology, however, but will also encompass the types of treatments that are used. Based on the understanding that micronutrient deficiencies are the primary cause of heart disease, cancer and other chronic diseases, Dr. Rath’s scientific discoveries are increasingly making it possible to reorient the focus of healthcare from treatment to prevention. This raises the exciting possibility that many of today’s biggest killer diseases could essentially one day be eradicated.

To read about Dr. Rath’s vision for making natural preventive healthcare approaches a human right, see his inspiring Barletta Declaration speech from October 2014.

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