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October 14, 2019
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October 16, 2019

Widely Used Blood Pressure Drugs May Increase Risk Of Sudden Cardiac Arrest


A new study has found that high blood pressure drugs based on a molecule known as dihydropyridine may increase the risk of sudden cardiac arrest.


World Health Organization statistics show that, globally, around 40 percent of adults aged 25 or over had high blood pressure in 2008. Known as the ‘silent killer’ because most people afflicted with the condition experience no symptoms from it, high blood pressure is estimated to cause about 7.5 million deaths every year.

Conventional, pharmaceutical-oriented medicine is confined to treating the symptoms of this disease. Beta-blockers, diuretics, and other drugs artificially lower blood pressure without correcting the primary underlying problem. In other words, they treat the symptoms of the condition but not its root cause.

Based on Dr. Rath’s Cellular Medicine research, we now know that the primary cause of high blood pressure is a chronic deficiency of specific micronutrients in the cells of the artery walls. By correcting this deficiency, it becomes possible to control the problem safely and naturally, without drugs.

To learn more about controlling high blood pressure naturally using Dr. Rath’s Cellular Medicine approach, see chapter 4 of his classic book, ‘Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks…But People Do’.

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