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Blood Test Could Detect Breast Cancer Five Years Before Clinical Signs Appear


Researchers say a blood test could detect breast cancer five years before clinical signs of the disease appear in patients.


The early detection of cancer and other killer diseases is obviously very important. However, the time and money invested in improving the effectiveness of detection technologies ultimately doesn’t do anything to prevent patients from falling sick in the first place. This is why the main focus of our Foundation is on preventive healthcare approaches. Our approach stands in stark contrast to that of the multinational pharmaceutical industry, which primarily focuses on treating diseases once they have already occurred.

While blood tests are of course very safe if carried out by experienced medical practitioners, in recent years many doctors – and especially radiologists – have become concerned with the overuse of certain other diagnostic techniques, in particular those that expose patients to radiation. Although infrequent use of X-ray or CT (computed tomography) scans will not have adverse effects on a patient, multiple exposures to radiation over a short period of time can cause serious damage to cells. This can result in an increased risk of cancer and other diseases.

To learn how to use diagnostic technologies wisely and for the benefit of your health, we recommend this article by Dr. Bilwa Bhanap, MD, and Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, PhD.

Read article in the Guardian (UK)