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November 1, 2019
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Cairo University Aiming To Plant One Million Fruit Trees Within Four Years

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Cairo University in Egypt is aiming to plant one million fruit trees within four years.


Our Foundation is currently running a similar project under the banner of our global Movement of Life project. In Uganda, for example, we have already successfully planted more than 12,000 fruit trees. Unlike Cairo University, however, the main focus of our fruit tree planting is health.

Planted at schools and homes as part of our global ‘End Heart Disease: Plant a Fruit Tree’ campaign, our fruit tree program is helping to teach people in Uganda about Dr. Rath’s groundbreaking scientific discovery that the primary cause of heart disease is an insufficient intake of vitamin C. Fruits are good sources of vitamin C. This means the widespread planting of fruit trees and promotion of eating fruit can help save lives.

Our work in Uganda is being carried out as part of a school gardening initiative known as the ‘School Health Parliament’ project. Launched in March 2015, this project also involves collecting seeds, growing vegetables and medicinal plants, and teaching children about nutrition and Cellular Medicine. In mid-2019 the project reached an impressive total of 50 participating schools.

If you would like to donate to support our Movement of Life work in Uganda and other countries, please visit the Movement of Life website.

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