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November 7, 2019
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Can We Make Our Vaccines Safer?

Vaccines and the potential health risks of vaccination—particularly in infants and children—have been surrounded by controversy and are the subject of heated debates among parents, doctors, public health officials, politicians and the media alike. With many new vaccines on the market, and vaccination schedules requiring newborns to receive numerous vaccinations within a short period of time, there have been many reports of associated health consequences.

Opponents of vaccination are often portrayed in the media as fanatics or religious zealots; however, serious and substantiated concerns of vaccine-related side effects have also come from doctors, researchers, and many parents. The discussions vary from questioning a particular type of vaccine to attacking vaccination on principle. Nevertheless, vaccines are an effective and economical measure in controlling many diseases, and as a public health measure have contributed to the eradication of many infectious diseases.

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In order to take an informed position on this issue it is important to understand exactly what vaccines do, how they are produced, and what can constitute a potential health hazard. A new brochure published by the Dr. Rath Health Foundation presents an evaluation of this important and still controversial topic.

Explaining what vaccines are and how they are made, the brochure looks at adverse reactions and examines whether safer vaccines exist.  Consideration is also given as to whether the use of micronutrients can help increase vaccine safety. Interestingly, as the brochure describes, vitamin and mineral complexes are now listed as excipients in some vaccine formulations.

The brochure argues that intensifying research into natural compounds with both immune-modulating properties and a high margin of safety will ultimately lead to the development of safer and more effective vaccines. Stating that the role of micronutrients in protecting against and potentiating the effects of vaccines should be further explored, the brochure recommends that, to ensure safety and optimize the results of vaccination, vaccine administration protocols should include dietary and supplementation measures.

The Dr. Rath Health Foundation believes that vaccine manufacturers should eliminate toxic ingredients from vaccines and intensify their efforts to develop new approaches. In the meantime, you should think twice before you allow the injection of any questionable substance into your body or that of your child. Together with other parents, patients, your doctor and your government, you can work to shake up the entrenched healthcare system, directing it towards prioritizing safety rather than protecting exorbitant profits. Putting people before profits should always come first.