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Statin Drugs Increase Risk Of Diabetes And Skin Infections


A new study has found that using cholesterol-lowering statin drugs for even as little as three months can put patients at risk of developing diabetes, as well as skin and soft tissue infections.


In addition to diabetes and infections, a review of the scientific literature shows that statins also raise the risk of muscle problems; cognitive problems; cancer; strokes; damage to the peripheral nervous system; sexual dysfunction; thyroid problems; kidney disease; behavioral disorders; heart problems; neurodegenerative disease; Parkinson’s disease; autoimmune diseases; pancreatic problems; liver disease; gastrointestinal problems; fatigue; psychiatric problems; sleep problems; as well as negatively affecting many other aspects of health.

And as if this list of side effects wasn’t enough, a study published in 2019 revealed that, for more than half of patients, statins don’t even lower cholesterol. Published in the journal Heart by researchers from the UK, the study found that even after 2 years taking the drugs, the majority of patients achieve a ‘suboptimal’ response.

Significantly, therefore, with drug industry profits from statins now collapsing, a scientific review published in 2017 in the Pharmaceutical Journal – a publication of Britain’s Royal Pharmaceutical Society – added fuel to the fire by confirming that the cholesterol theory of heart disease is now “dead”. Pointing out that the lives of heart attack survivors participating in pharma-sponsored statin trials have been shown to be extended by an average of just 4 days, the authors wrote that there is an “ethical and moral imperative” for the potential harms of these drugs to be discussed. Significantly, however, they wrongly concluded that the real culprit behind cardiovascular disease is insulin resistance. In other words, while they are 100 percent correct that the cholesterol dogma is scientifically unfounded, they have failed to correctly identify the root cause of cardiovascular disease.

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