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February 27, 2020
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Common Antibiotics Linked To Increased Risk Of Birth Defects


A new study suggests that taking some common antibiotics during the first trimester of pregnancy is linked to an increased risk of birth defects.


While antibiotics have undoubtedly saved many lives there is increasing concern about their safety. Recent research suggests that long-term use of these drugs may raise the risk of bowel cancer, for example, while taking them during pregnancy is known to be linked to a higher risk of children subsequently developing severe infections. Even low use of antibiotics has been shown to have a negative effect on a child’s health.

In contrast to the dangers of antibiotics, an optimum supply of essential micronutrients supports the body’s immune system safely and naturally. While many people take only vitamin C for such purposes, such an approach misses out on the important benefits of micronutrient synergy. Vitamin C works more efficiently when combined with other micronutrients such as zinc, quercetin and selenium. Thus, the effectiveness of supplements in improving immunity depends upon them containing a carefully designed synergistic combination of micronutrients to help generate healthy blood cells and support other immune system organs.

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