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New Study Confirms Natural Approaches To Lyme Disease May Be More Effective Than Antibiotics


A new study has confirmed that natural approaches to Lyme disease may be more effective than treatment with antibiotics.


The results of this new study essentially confirm previous findings made by scientists at the Dr. Rath Research Institute, which have shown that biologically active plant substances and other micronutrients offer a safe and effective approach to controlling Lyme disease.

In 2016 the Dr. Rath Research Institute collaborated with a private medical institution to conduct an observational study investigating the efficacy of a specific combination of micronutrients and plant substances in patients with Lyme disease. The study lasted for 6 months and included 17 Lyme disease patients who had symptoms that were mainly severe.

The study results speak for themselves: after taking the micronutrient combination for a period of 6 months, almost half of the participants showed a significant improvement in their health. About 20 percent reported they were completely free of symptoms, while 11.8 percent experienced a moderate improvement in their health. Only 23.5 percent of patients felt no improvement. Considering the fact that virtually no improvements in health occur from the conventional treatment of advanced Lyme disease, these results are highly significant. Significantly, therefore, the therapists involved in the study concluded that the synergistic use of micronutrients and plant substances should be included as a long-term treatment in every therapeutic approach to Lyme disease.

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