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March 13, 2020
The Coronavirus Pandemic: Pharma Cartel’s Control Of Healthcare Putting World Economy At Risk
March 13, 2020

Big Pharma Can’t Be Trusted To Solve Coronavirus


Spiraling inequality has become a scar on our world and is at the root of so many of the problems humanity faces. The current coronavirus epidemic is exposing that inequality afresh.


Along with a lack of science-based health education, poverty is a key contributor to poor health. As this Al Jazeera article points out, in China the impact of food price rises and economic slowdown has already been felt most acutely by the poorest in society. Affording and obtaining sufficient vitamin-rich food is central to the maintenance of health.

Ultimately, however, the Pharma Cartel isn’t interested in educating people about natural approaches to controlling the coronavirus epidemic. Instead, its main aim is to take advantage of the situation by ensuring that the millions of people who have turned to science-based natural health remedies in recent years are driven back into the arms of the pharmaceutical ‘investment business with disease’.

Developing countries are particularly at threat from the coronavirus epidemic. With many lacking even basic healthcare systems, viral and chronic diseases are already widespread in such countries. Should the coronavirus epidemic take hold in Africa, for example, many developing countries will be ill-prepared to deal with it. This reminds us why we need to further intensify our natural health education work at the global level.

To read about our Foundation’s vision towards making natural preventive health approaches a human right, see Dr. Rath’s inspiring ‘Barletta Declaration’ speech.

To learn about the work we are doing to improve the health and lives of people in Uganda and other developing countries, visit the Movement of Life website.

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