The Coronavirus Pandemic: Pharma Cartel’s Control Of Healthcare Putting World Economy At Risk
March 13, 2020
Revealed: Monsanto’s Secret Funding For Weedkiller Studies
March 25, 2020

Let's stop the virus!
Let's end the hysteria!

Read the Open Letter
by Dr. Matthias Rath
On the 2020 Pandemic


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Questions answered in this Open Letter

  • Could the current pandemic have been prevented or quickly contained if knowledge about the importance of micronutrients in strengthening the immune system, recognized by nine Nobel Prizes, had been disseminated globally over the past decades?
  • Why do Italy, Iran, Spain and other nations have particularly high death rates, and why does the aggravated economic situation and the resulting micronutrient deficiencies in these countries make millions of people particularly susceptible?
  • Why are only humans dying from the current pandemic?
  • Why do more than 99% of the people dying from this pandemic also have ‘preexisting conditions’ including high blood pressure, diabetes and certain other health problems?
  • Why are more than 28,000 scientific studies establishing a connection between vitamins/antioxidants and the prevention of diabetes being ignored? These studies are published on the website, the online medical library of the US National Institutes of Health –-> Search: antioxidant and diabetes.
  • Why are more than 20,000 studies being ignored that establish a connection between vitamins/antioxidants and the prevention of high blood pressure? -> Search: antioxidant and hypertension.
  • Why are more than 25,000 studies being ignored that establish a connection between vitamins/antioxidants and the strengthening of the immune system? -> Search: antioxidant and immune.
  • Why is this life saving information being withheld from us by so-called medical ‘experts’ in the current debate?
  • Why does no one address the fact that essentially all these ‘experts’ are directly or indirectly involved with the multi billion-dollar pharmaceutical investment business?
  • Instead of informing the public about natural ways to strengthen the immune system, why are these pharmaceutical industry lobbyists and stake-holders promoting a global fear scenario, taking away civil rights, and establishing ‘martial laws‘ around the world?
  • Why have governments of the key pharmaceutical export countries, over the past decades, made strategic efforts to ban this life-saving information from the people of the world?
  • Why has the German government played a particularly devastating role towards outlawing natural therapies worldwide?
  • Instead of listening to so-called experts and politicians issuing instructions, don’t we need independently thinking people and politicians who take responsibility based on the scientific facts and reasoning outlined in this open letter?

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