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Why Don’t Viruses Make Their Original Hosts Sick?


The coronavirus that has claimed more than 4,000 lives worldwide and sickened more than 113,000 most likely originated in bats, most experts believe. From bats, the virus ‘jumped’ to another species, likely pangolins, and then to humans. Why didn’t the virus make bats or pangolins sick?


As Dr. Rath describes in his recent Open Letter, while the current coronavirus pandemic causes disease and death among human beings around the world, animals are rarely affected. They can carry the virus, but they do not develop a deadly disease. In fact, in seeking to test potential therapies, researchers worldwide struggle to find a suitable animal model in which the virus causes disease. Any scientific experts who do not take this striking fact into account when advising governments or addressing the public on possible solutions to the pandemic should therefore be listened to with caution. Similarly, any scientific effort to find a therapeutic solution to the pandemic is doomed without addressing this critical aspect.

The human metabolism is set apart from that of essentially all other animals by its inability to synthesize vitamin C from glucose. Most animals produce vitamin C in high amounts of up to 20,000 milligrams per day compared to human body weight. Humans and sub-human primates lack this ability due to a genetic mutation that occurred during their evolution. Thus, all humans today are dependent on an optimum intake of vitamin C, either from the diet or from supplements. Vitamin C deficiency, and most people in the world suffer from it, causes a weakening of the connective tissue, compromises natural barriers like skin and the inner cell lining of the lungs (epithelial cells of the lungs), and weakens our immune system. Thus, viruses and many other infectious organisms can easily enter the body and find too little immune resistance to fight them.

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